More Men Starting to Wear Makeup


On a trip to South Korea several years ago I came across an ad on television that gave me pause. It featured then soccer phenomenon Ahn Jung Hwan, more famed for his flowing locks than his soccer prowess, walking down a white hallway, his face bathed in a heavenly glow. Another man, Korean actor Hyun Bin, walks towards him and their eyes meet in the most inexplicably homoerotic scene … [Read more...]

Products for Bald Men (by Choice or Nature)


Stock up on products that can improve the look of your scalp, whether you're bald by choice or nature. … [Read more...]

Styling Your Hair with: Mousse, Hair Wax, Gel and Serum


1. MOUSSE Mousse can be intimidating because it's a whole lot of foam when you first get it going, but if you know what mousse can be good for, it's surprisingly versatile. You can maintain most hairstyles on a daily basis without too much buildup, and best of all, mid-day styling touches ups are incredibly easy. How to Use It 1. Shake the mousse bottle and hold it vertically to … [Read more...]

Get the Wet Look


Do you like the way your hair looks when it's wet? Thankfully, the wet look isn't just about jheri curls anymore, but about keeping high-gloss shine in your hair with a piece texture. Take a look at how it's done! 1. Choose the product (we suggested some below) Don't give in to using just any product you find. You've got to research (even if it's just a little) to give your hair the … [Read more...]

Growing A Goatee


Style The style of goatee you want is up to you. Keep trends in mind while shaping a goatee but new look should never be passé. The hottest look now is a bit of a hybrid style popularized by Johnny Depp. It's a variation on the simple goatee, with a thin moustache, a small patch of hair under the chin, and another patch of hair on the chin. It's very in, and will flatter a variety of … [Read more...]

Get Good Looking Men’s Eyebrows


Follow these steps to get eyebrows that make you look a little more polished without being obvious. . . isn't that what every man wants? Grooming basics for eyebrows 1. Prep the area with a warm, damp cloth or a steamy shower. 2. Dry the brow area and select your tweezers. Find a pair with a slanted shape such as Tweezerman tweezers. 3. Before you start tweezing, take a look … [Read more...]

Men’s Grooming from a Women’s Perspective

Do you shave, have a little soap and cologne, and think that you've got your grooming routine down pat? It may be time to think again. A survey conducted by Shopzilla just last year uncovered that 50% of their online buyers have a bare-bones bathroom with just the essentials. Don't get mad about spending a little extra time in the shops picking out the right gel and mousse. You've got … [Read more...]

A Few Scalp Care Tips for Bald Men (by Choice or Nature)


Bald guys need to give their scalps some love, too. There may not be any hair, but skin can collect a film of oils and dirt that’s not just icky, but can contribute to a greasy or even spotty scalp. The optimal routine begins with the usual shower rinsing, but if you like cold showers, try to up the temperature a bit when you’re concentrating on your scalp. The reason? Warm or hot … [Read more...]

5 Traditional Shaving Brands You Mustn’t Forget About


Razors are festooned with bells and whistles these days. Before you think I'm just a traditionalist on a mission, think about it: when you're shopping for shaving supplies, you're inundated with multi-blades complete with swivel necks, exfoliating pads, and battery-operated wet shavers that make most men do a double take. Even if you pride yourself as on top of the next thing, don't … [Read more...]

The Scoop: Billy Jealousy Products


Everyone likes products with attitude, right? They make the mundane much more interesting, and if you play your cards right, you can get a great product inside all that slick packing. Take, for example, Billy Jealousy's supreme shaving cream, Billy Jealousy Hydroplane Shave Cream. Voted Esquire Magazine's Best Shaving Cream of 2007, this no-foam product can be used cold or hot when … [Read more...]