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Underarm Sweating: It’s About Control

Sweat control can be a delicate situation. If you stress about sweating, then you've probably noticed that your body reacts and makes you sweatier. Not pleasant for you or anyone else. If you feel like you have been doing all the right things, but underarm sweating remains a problem, try extra precautions. … [Read more...]

Hand and Nail Care + Best Men’s Manicure Sets

All About the Handshake A man reveals a great deal about himself through a handshake - confidence, poise, intentions, manners.  Similarly, he reveals just as much through his appearance, the pride he takes in that appearance and his level of grooming.  Where these two intersect is in the “grooming” of a man’s hands, and how well (or how little) he manicures those hands. Now this … [Read more...]

Long Hair Etiquette and Care for Beginners

Although short hair is generally the norm for men, long hairstyle can be an attractive style and personal statement. With proper care,  long hair on men can be very appealing - many women like a man with a longer mane. For men considering a long hairstyle, a few things should be considered first. While long hair is more acceptable these days, there are still those who do not like … [Read more...]