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Best Matte Hair Products for Men

For a true gentleman our outward appearance is extremely important because it reflects a certain level of sophistication and our desire to be the best, from top to bottom. That often starts, quite literally, with our hair. How we take care of our hair says a lot about our own style and character as it is often the first thing people will notice about us. Most people form their initial … [Read more...]

Best Beard Dyes for Sensitive Skin

If you didn’t already know - beards are back, in a big way. Well groomed (or ironically unkempt) facial hair has once again become a popular and stylish feature for many gentlemen. Everyone from business professionals to hipsters, middle-aged dads to college freshmen (if they can) are growing out their stubble and donning beards. As a stylish accessory, beards can make younger guys … [Read more...]

Long Lasting Deodorants for Men

As we have visited in some of our previous articles, the problem of underarm sweat and stink is one that does not discriminate and that affects all guys at one point or another. But luckily there are plenty of things we can do about it, the most basic is finding a deodorant that fights the sweat and actually lasts throughout the day. There are countless products that offer potent … [Read more...]