Tips for Choosing, Applying and Wearing Men’s Cologne


When choosing a cologne personal preference should always take the lead, but there are a few other things you want to take into consideration.

Smelling in store is not enough

Keep in mind that almost every fragrance has three distinct notes that will slowly appear as you go through your day. If you choose it by simply smelling it in the store, you are missing out on two of the important notes that set your cologne apart from others.

The first “top” note from your cologne will be sharp and, as the one you notice most, it will attract attention. But after you apply your cologne and the second note begins to come through, you’ll begin to enjoy the “heart note” of your cologne. This leaves the most lasting impression, so when you’re planning on choosing your signature scent, allow it to settle and evaporate before making a final decision regarding your cologne.Lastly, you’ll be left to enjoy the base note. This deep and lingering scent will stick around as a permanent and lasting impression of your cologne.

When shopping for a new signature cologne, be sure to spray a mist of scent on sample cards and take them with you to experience the three notes to their fullest.

How you’re smelling it is also important

What smells good on your best friend or your brother may not smell good on you. That’s because the chemicals in fragrances interact with your own body’s scent to create something a bit different. It’s also possible that you’ll have an allergy to some chemical in the cologne. So for those reasons as well it’s always smart to try out a fragrance before you buy it. A note of caution, though. Don’t, as many men are prone to do, put one test fragrance on one wrist and a different one on the other one. The scents can mingle to create something wonderful – or awful. Either way, it won’t give you a true scent to judge. So be sure to try one scent at a time to be certain you get the full benefit of the test.

(Usually) The pricier the better

More expensive colognes are pricier because of the use of natural ingredients that are harder to obtain and because of more delicate production process. Sometimes though they’re pricier just because of the label name and your nose is still the best judge. But if we’re honest here a perfume is a luxury and you’re overpaying it in either case.

Go for the classics

If you want (as much as possible) value for money (and who doesn’t) go for the colognes of yesterday. Back then fragrance houses weren’t cutting corners and squeezing profits like they do today. Aside the nostalgia and all that, it really holds true that quality and luxury was defined differently in the past.

Though modern noses may not be used to a distinct scents of classic colognes  be assured that their richness and complexity will give you a unique and luxurious scent.

Go Niche

Another area to find a quality are small brands whose only objective may not be to make as high profit margin as possible. You’re not limited to department stores and big players anymore. The niche fragrance market exploded recently and there is wide variety of small brands to choose from.

Be Subjective

Disregard all the guidelines and simply pick the fragrance that you like. All-synthetic. Fruity. Floral. Unisex. Whatever. If you like the smell of it, buy it. But beware of buying too many fragrances by simply following your subjective judgement. Especially if you’re a beginner. To educate yourself better on each cologne read reviews at

Colognes that men generally gravitate toward are ones that have a woodsy, outdoor scent. These often contain a sandalwood or cedarwood base with a combination of other ingredients and are refreshing and invigorating. Other scent ‘appropriate’ for men is musk and colognes containing them are considered sexy and are perfect for a night out. Sophisticated colognes tend to be those that are light and crisp, with perhaps a citrus base that is clean and pleasant, without being overpowering. These more appropriate for an office and other daily activities. Men generally stay away from anything “flowery” that have what is considered a more feminine scent than a masculine one.

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Tips for Applying and Wearing a Cologne

The cardinal rule of wearing men’s cologne is this: Don’t drench yourself. You may love, love, love the fragrance you’ve chosen and want to share it with the world, but the world may not have the same enthusiasm for it. Actually, the world may prefer (and usually does prefer) you enter and leave a room, leaving just a hint of fragrance in the air. And because some colognes tend to become stronger over a period of time, this can be hard to do with some colognes. So it’s a good idea to use small amounts of a fragrance at first and work up to a level of scent that’s appropriate. This is especially important in the business world. Remember that a scent that’s right for a night out with your significant other may not be appropriate for the boardroom.

While there are really no hard-and-fast rules about applying cologne, it’s most common to apply them on the neck area, just behind the ears, as well as on the inner parts of the wrists and elbows.

So here are some checks to keep in mind:

• Avoid “splashing” your cologne. It will really overpower you and everyone in your vicinity.

• Control your application by using a spritzing bottle. Even if you purchase your cologne in a usual bottle, transfer it to an atomizer bottle to distribute scent easily.

• If you are applying cologne from a regular bottle, take one finger and press it against the opening of your bottle, and then tip it over gently.

• Apply to these main points: inner wrists, behind the ears, or near the neck glands. Don’t try to use it randomly over your body, but just two or three points that you personally find best.

• Apply to your chest. The scent will last longer as it will be covered by your clothing and chest hair.

• Don’t spray the cologne into the air and then walk through the mist, letting it settle on your hair and shoulders. It’s bad idea because most of it actually settles on the floor and only small percentage ends up on you.

• Don’t apply cologne to your clothes. The scent my last longer but it could stain and ruin your clothes.

• Spray cologne from a distance of around 15 centimeters (5-6 inches) from your skin.

• Be sure not to rub the skin after you spray or dab on your cologne. This is said to alter the scent significantly.

• Maximize the life of your bottle by storing it away from light. Stash it in a drawer or cupboard in a cool, dry place for it to last its longest.

• Your fragrance will last longer on an oily skin so it’s a good idea to apply moisturizer or some other unscented oily applicant before applying cologne.

• Make your fragrance last longer by using a coordinating shower gel or soap by the same brand, and an unscented aftershave and moisturizer so there’s no competition with your scent.

• Experiment a little with your choices and don’t get stuck in a rut. New fragrances are released every year, and it’s worth taking advantage of cool new colognes and switching it up a bit.


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