Products for Bald Men (by Choice or Nature)

Stock up on products that can improve the look of your scalp, whether you’re bald by choice or nature.

If you want to use a special shampoo for bald men, look for one that’s not just formulated to clean, but to moisturize. Who wants a head full of flakes, especially if they’re more difficult to camouflage? (And if it can double as a face wash, then it’s even better.)

If you’re thinning and balding, consider using shampoo for balding men because it will clean hair and treat your scalp in one go. If ease isn’t what you’re after and you want to maximize what you’ve got on top, go for shampoo of the thickening variety. Plenty of shampoos are available that use texturizing polymers and other “densifiers” to increase the overall appearance of your hair.

Bald Guyz Wash & Shampoo For The Bald Head Mens – 4 OZ
Redken for Men Densify Shampoo 13.5 oz (Pack of 2)
Loreal Vive Pro Mens Daily Thickening Shampoo for Fine or Thinning Hair – 13 Oz

Thick or creamy conditioners may leave your hair lank and greasy. Look for conditioners that treat skin for ingrown hairs and breakouts, and are also formulated to rinse clean so they don’t leave anything behind.

Bald Guyz Head Cleanser & Conditioner For the Bald Head Mens – 4 OZ

Shine Products
Shine products can go either way and increase or decrease shine. It all depends on what you’re looking for: if you have a particularly oily scalp, you may want to decrease shine with a special lotion. Even though you’re just buying one more product to use, you may be able to combat patchiness and discoloration all in one go.

Matte for Men Complete Head Care Lotion (to reduce greasy shine)
Baldhead Shine (to increase natural, nongreasy shine)

Balding men get baked by the sun just like anyone, but if you’re not staring at your own dome, you may not realize the damage you could be causing to your skin. A teaspoon of sunscreen applied to your head and neck, and another to the scalp and ears should do the trick, but don’t forget to reapply every four hours.

Sharps Bald Head Balm Sunscreen SPF 15

Aromatherapy Oils
Hear me out. If you’re partially bald, you may be happy to hear that one recent study has suggested that aromatherapy with essential oils can encourage hair to grow on bald spots. Lavender, cedarwood, rosemary, and thyme mixed with jojoba can stimulate hair growth. Oil your hands up with a mixture of a few drops of thyme, lavender, rosemary, cedarwood, and an eighth of a cup of jojoba and grapeseed oil. Play cook, mix it up, and rub some on your balding areas before you hit the sack. Hair growth benefits aside, aromatherapy will please you.

Made for Men Essential Oils from Aromaland

Styling Products for Balding Hair
If you just have balding areas, you need to work with what you’ve got left and minimize the other stuff. With enough hair up top to work with, you can try products with a matte finish to maximize your strands. Stiff, shiny gel just won’t cut it, but matte products will, especially if you style your hair towards the front.

American Crew Matte Creme for Men, 3.53-Ounce Jars (Pack of 2)


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