Best Body Lotions for Men


So, here’s a thought provoking question for ya: if you want to use body lotion – are you gay, metro, lumber or a girl? Ha! Neither. You are just a guy who evolved past the neanderthal odor and decided to join the civilization. And yes, when we say civilization, we do mean regular showering. And yes, smelling good, too.

Apparently, praxis shows the industry has had a problem with including men into the civilized sector. No? How would you then explain the fact that most body lotions are either unisex or designed specifically for women’s skin? You can’t. The good thing is that recent years have brought about a particular raise of consciousness with males being included in the beauty industry almost as intensely as women are too.

With a number of companies expanding more into the men’s skincare market, men are now given plenty of phenomenal body lotions designed to meet the challenges that come with men’s skin. Finally!

Why are men’s body lotions different in structure to women’s?

Male skin is much tougher and thicker in structure and it requires added protection. For men spending a lot of time outdoors, it’s even more important to choose body lotions with improved protection. For this reason, unisex or women’s lotions aren’t a good fit for male skin. Also, there’s a matter of scents. As opposed to the florally scents, men’s body lotions are made with a masculine scent that stands in very obvious contrast to anything even remotely reminding of a feminine scent.

What ingredients are the best body lotions made of?

Let’s place a bet you’ve already known we’ll say what we’re about to say – yes, go as natural as possible. Products like your shaving cream, deodorant, aftershave, beard balm, etc. should contain ingredients that are easy on the skin and unlikely to produce any form of irritation or allergies.  You don’t have to go all-natural or organic lotion (although we do recommend it), though; rather try to get products that are based on the following ingredients:

Vitamins. Products containing a variety of vitamins such as B, C and E are the best bet. Additionally, certain forms of vitamin B such as B-6 are phenomenal antioxidants that help prevent further skin damage and reduce wrinkles.

Antioxidants. Look for a lotion that contains antioxidant ingredients such as jojoba oil, canola oil, pomegranate or rosemary extract. Free radicals in the body are one of the biggest wrinkle causing problems and work to damage the collagen in the skin. Guess what? Antioxidants aid in that.

Alcohols. Avoid lotions that have alcohol listed as one of the primary ingredients, as these work to dry the skin out instead of moisturizing it.

Other awesome ingredients to look for: aloe vera, shea butter, glycerin, green tea and other natural plant extracts.

Ok. Give me a break down of the best body lotions for men…

Was planning to, don’t worry. Here we go:

#1 100 Percent Pure Body Lotion


This cream is worth every penny and it’s undeniably our favorite! 100 Percent Pure Body Lotion is thick, creamy and rich in structure and it smells fantastic; for everyone with sensitive skin (made even more sensitive by the use of popular heavily perfumed body products), this lotion is pure heaven. With an all-natural kick to it and a divine smell, your skin will be nourished and protected, with no itching or blister that tend to be common aftermath of chemically-loaded product usage.

Unlike most of other organic lotions that tend not to have the same moisturizing power, this one comes out of the tube light and fluffy. And the awesome part – NO RESIDUE! The lotion absorbs quickly, too.

Hey, don’t believe us – buy one and see how awesome it is!

#2 Everyone For Men Botanical 3-in-1 Cedar and Citrus Lotion


Everyone’s outstanding 3-in-1 Cedar and Citrus Lotion for Every Man is one of the most amazing lotions ever. The scent is invigorating (yet not too much), and the addition of numerous plant based ingredients (chamomile, calendula, aloe vera, sesame seed oil and vegetable glycerin, to name a few) and natural and organic essential oils will turn your skin velvety. Plus, its 100% free from GMO ingredients, parabens and polysorbates. This one is an outstanding choice that works equally great for body, face and hands.

#3 Kyoku Earth Body Lotion for Men


Exotic, right? That’s right! Kyoku produces four outstanding body lotions for men: Wind, Earth, Water and Fire. While Wind is designed for those with sensitive skin (it’s full of vitamins and herbs), Earth is meant to soothe irritated skin as the most mineral rich lotion. Fire is packed full of antioxidants that help prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging and repair dull looking skin while Water lotion aims to soften and hydrate dry skin (it contains algae extracts). All four varieties range from spicy to woody scents and they’re designed to fit everyone’s tastes. The issue? All four scents can be a bit overpowering; normally, that would be a good thing in a perfume but a lotion that stays on the skin fairly strong for at least four to six hours – we’re not sure. Obviously, some men really like it just for this reason. Ha!

#4 Bath & Body Works Men Body Lotion


Bath and Body Works have a range of different body lotions for men in various scents; experiment with Ocean, Noir, Midnight and Oak. We love Noir – it smells quite similar to many classic men’s grooming products, colognes and shaving creams. Scents are those of bergamot, musk, cardamom and amber. All lotions contain aloe vera, shea butter and vitamins E and B5, which we love! Excellent quality, that’s for sure!

#5 The Man Grooming Kit Heavy Duty Face and Body Lotion


Spectacular. Yes, we love it. If you’re a smooth and silky skin freak (like most of us are), go for this one that is free from synthetic fragrances, artificial colors and chemicals. The product contains a variety of natural oils, Red Seaweed, Mountain Pepper Berry,  and fruit extracts, which is giving it excellent moisturizing properties. The scent is a mix of masculine yet smooth smell. Love!

Well, there you go. You got our top five favorites. Take your pick and enjoy it – with no embarrassment!

— Written by Peter Minkoff – a lifestyle writer at High Street Gent & LAPALME magazines from UK and US. Worked as a menswear fashion stylist for many fashion events around UK & Europe!  Twitter @MinkoffPeter

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