Got Body Hair? Try Waxing, Sugaring or Depilatory

If you’re battling the urge to tame your body hair but you’re not sure if it really matters, let’s get it straight right now: if it bothers you, it probably bothers your partner, too. Even though one in three men currently remove hair from areas like their chest, back, and legs, women have gone on the record requesting that men try just a little bit harder.

In recent studies, 90% of women said that back hair was unattractive. Keep in mind that just four in ten women actually tell their partner about it as Mantalk’s Elliot Jacobs, M.D. aptly pointed out in his wildly successful 2006 book.

Are you feeling a little anxious about unwanted hair after you’ve checked out the stats? There’s no need to get nervous, because there are more products and techniques than ever to help you get smooth.

Top Three Techniques


While some men shy away from waxing because they think it could be too painful, it’s a great way to get rid of hair fast and then keep it off. You can choose from a simple nostril wax to a full Brazilian style wax for the summer, and then you won’t need to think about maintenance for up to 8 weeks.

Waxing also enhances your muscle definition, which is good for all of us regardless of our relationship with the gym. Pecs become more buffed, arms become more defined, and your abs can look even more chiseled. Not only that, though: waxing can also make your skin look naturally smooth. That’s ideal for controlling seriously hairy areas like the back or the arms.

Waxing can be a great choice, but there are times when it won’t work out due to your personal health and even your skincare regimen. For example, those who have diabetes or poor circulation are cautioned against waxing, because the skin can be far more sensitive and prone to infection. Before getting waxed, you should also verify that your skin products don’t include Retin-A, Differin, Renova, and Isotretinoin. These products can weaken the skin and even result in tearing.

Speak with your salon technician before committing, but don’t rule waxing out as a time-saving hair removal technique!

Also, there are plenty of home waxing kits out there, and you’ve got to pick and choose to find the right one. If you’re looking for something all natural, try Parissa All Natural Hair Removal Systems. (They have specialized in men’s products for ten years now and offer more specialized options.) And if you’re set on a full Brazilian wax, look for a professional and do not attempt this at home.

Another thing to consider with waxing for men is that some women (mostly older and those more conventional) prefer hairy chest as they find it more masculine.


Track down a reputable salon that handles men’s sugaring, which is considered the oldest method of hair removal. It’s not trendy and it’s not new, but the techniques are getting better for men in particular. Male hair is thicker and more wiry, and you can work with a spa professional to help you choose the most effective method for hair removal.

In terms of finding professional products for sugaring, I’d look for Sugar It products ( They’re the first depilatory sugaring products ever designed for men, and they’re fantastic at gripping all types of hair. Sugar It is used with the strip sugaring technique and was developed by Sugar Shop owner Martyn Griffiths in London. If you’re located in the UK, try getting sugared at the Sugar Shop in London (W2), or just stock up on the products online if you can’t.


If you’re low key, then I’d recommend getting Veet for Men Hair Removal Gel to remove excess hair. You’ll need to coax someone into helping you if you’d like to do your back, which means you may not be able to surprise your woman after all. It’s worth it if you’re on a budget, and since most of the major depilatory brands have begun producing men’s products after a rise in sales lately, you won’t have any trouble finding the right product for you.


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