Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

Once you know your face shape, you can choose the right hairstyle to flatter you best. Take advantage of our guide to hairstyles to get the one that suits you.


The square face has a strong jaw line and usually a square hairline, and it’s one of the most “classic” and rugged face shapes. The square face is one of the most versatile shapes you can have, allowing you the opportunity to take advantage of lots of different hairstyles.

• Forgo a full, poufy style in favor of a flat top or a spiky look. Style yours with touch of product to help it keep its shape.
• Longer styles, like grown-out longer style with slight wave, can truly complement a square face.
• With slightly more squared-off looks, you can reduce the size of your neck and chin.


The oval face shape is narrower at the jaw line than at the temples, with a gently rounded hairline. It’s generally considered the ideal face shape, with the square following close behind in terms of hairstyle versatility.

• Experiment with a variety of styles, as many will work on you. Messy styles will look just as good as slicked-back, “ivy league” classic cuts.
• Avoid covering up your features with heavy bangs.
• If you love longer locks, you’re in luck. Your face type looks great with surfer and longer styles.


Round faces are full. If you have a round face, your chin and hairline will be slightly rounded, and even more so at the cheeks and ears. When selecting the right hairstyle, it’s important to emphasize your masculinity and minimize jaw softness.

• For those of us who like parted business cuts, aim for a side-parted one.
• Try hairstyles with volume at the crown and tapered backs and sides, such as the college cut. This style is cut with clippers past the crown, with bangs measuring up to 3 inches.


Triangular faces are wider at the jaw, narrowing to smaller cheekbones and temples. This face type is actually quite rare and can be a challenge to complement. You’ll need to choose a hairstyle that decreases the appearance of a pointed chin, so read on for tips!

• One of the most successful styles for a triangular face shape has close-cropped hair at the temples and crown. Hair looks best with a triangular face when it is fuller or longer at the back.
• Embrace facial hair to pair with your style. Beards can balance and fill out your jaw line.

Rectangular or the “Modified Square”

Rectangular faces are long and slender, and they measure about the same width at the forehead and directly below the cheekbones.

• Whatever hairstyle you choose, keep in mind that your hairline should never be angular or exposed.
• Try a layered haircut and style it with slight tousling.


Diamond faces are similar to heart and oval shapes. The diamond is widest at the cheekbones and narrow at both the forehead and jaw, and looks best with styles that make it look broader. Facial hair can also balance this face shape.

• Don’t be afraid of having full bangs. Wear your hair styled in a forwards direction to disguise a slightly pointed forehead.


  1. I have an oval head, and I want a haircut like the picture, but I have acne on my forehead. Is there any REALLY good but cheaper acne cream?

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