A Few Foot Care Tips for Men

Why should you consider a foot care regimen? It will keep your feet looking and feeling better, will help prevent painful calluses, can minimize odor, and women will appreciate it. Simply put, men who take care of themselves make a better impression. No one wants to look at gnarly toes sticking out of sandals in summer or give a foot massage to someone who has cracked and calloused feet. Additionally, if you do suffer from painful calluses or corns, regular foot maintenance will help these troublesome issues.

General foot care for men includes a few necessities followed by additional care specifically tailored to each man’s needs. First, keep toenails cut. It is very easy to forget about toenails to the point where they are too long. Have you ever stubbed your toe after having gone too long without cutting your nails? A painful chip or worse can be a good reminder to keep those nails short. Implementing weekly care is a much better method, however, and much less painful.

Remove calluses with a pumice stone or other tool designed for this purpose. There are many on the market, and you’ll likely find that you prefer some to others. After you remove calluses, use a moisturizer. This will help prevent further buildup and is good for your feet. It also feels good. There are a number of moisturizers designed for feet. If you have odor or sweat problems, choose one that is made for these problems. Some moisturizers include refreshing ingredients such as cucumber that help feet feel cool.

If you’re in metrosexual mood, consider having a pedicure on occasion. It’s not simply a woman’s thing–many men enjoy the benefits of a pedicure and make them a regular part of their foot care regimens. Pedicures come with a foot and lower leg massage, full nail care, callus treatment, and moisturizing.

If you have specific problems such as odor or fungus, use products for these issues on a regular basis. Foot powders can help maintain odor, as does wearing quality cotton socks. If possible, avoid keeping your feet trapped in airtight shoes all day long. If you have fungus problems, use an anti-fungal product or consult a podiatrist if the problem warrants it.

For general foot health, invest in quality shoes. They cost more, but the comfort and support they provide can help avoid future problems. Women aren’t the only ones who suffer from ill-fitting or fashion-driven shoes. Men can also exacerbate or even cause foot problems by wearing low quality or poorly fitting shoes.

If you are having regular foot pain, consult a podiatrist, even if the problem seems minimal. Most people don’t enjoy going to any type of doctor, but remember the important function your feet serve! Painful feet make even the most mundane tasks difficult. There are many causes of foot pain, and if caught and treated early, you can prevent or delay serious intervention, such as surgery. So do yourself a favor and visit the doctor.

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