Growing A Goatee


The style of goatee you want is up to you. Keep trends in mind while shaping a goatee but new look should never be passé. The hottest look now is a bit of a hybrid style popularized by Johnny Depp. It’s a variation on the simple goatee, with a thin moustache, a small patch of hair under the chin, and another patch of hair on the chin. It’s very in, and will flatter a variety of face shapes – even if you don’t have a strong facial hair.

Usually there is a trilemma when it comes to what style to choose:
– going with the hair below mouth only,
– connecting the chin hair with moustaches into a circle,
– having chin hair and moustaches disconnected for a style known as Van Dyke.

For more beard variations (most of them crazy) check out this article but don’t forget to come back to read our tips.


Goatees need to be cultivated, not ignored, for a successful effect. Don’t just let your facial hair go untamed and think that your goatee is an end result. Even knowing how to grow a goatee sometimes isn’t enough. Some men may be unable to grow one. It’s the first few days after you stop shaving that will really determine if you can grow it and also if it will suit you. After a few days of facial hair growth, you’ll have a much better idea about the type you want—if it suits you after all.

• Shaving oil is the best option for shaving with goatee; it’s clear and therefore ‘see-through’ which is exactly what you need in a delicate matter of goatee styling.

• To shape your goatee in a traditional sense, keep in mind that the outer edges should never extend past the smile lines of your face. Avant garde goatees are, well, rather disconcerting, so aim for symmetry.

• Make clean corners at the jawline. You may use a trimming tool to keep everything neat.

• Remember to move the razors or clippers every which way — hair grows in every direction and you want to catch all of the strays.

• You should especially make sure that your nose hair and moustaches are not connected which definitely isn’t a look you should be aiming for.

• Use precise hair trimmer for finely shaping the edges.

• Avoid the temptation to grow a little extra stubble. While it’s good on its own, when it’s next to a goatee, it just looks messy.

• Don’t forget to wash thoroughly your face but most importantly your goatee: it traps the shaving oil better than naked skin plus it produces its own.

Finishing Touches

Now you’ve got the style, but perhaps you’re not completely convinced with your density or overall look. If your goatee is a bit sparse but the look suits you, there are some techniques to try, but the bad news is that there’s no way to make your goatee grow thicker.

Perhaps you’ve also heard that shaving your goatee more regularly will result in thicker hair. Wondering if it’s true? Sadly, not quite, but this could help: hair doesn’t grow in denser, but it could grow in coarser, which is a plus for thinner goatees.

Expect itching when fist growing your beard but also know that ”this too shall pass.“ If it doesn’t soon enough you can use a moisturizing lotion to easy the irritation.

No matter what style you choose, simplicity is always the best. No woman likes an out-of-control facial hair, so decrease daily maintenance and up your sex appeal with a neat look.

And finally the most important thing is that your goatee should look good when you see yourself in the mirror – it should complement your hairstyle and your facial features.

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