Guide to Shavette: Best Straight Razor with Dispozable Blades


Recently, a growing number of men are ditching their multi-blade razor heads and searching for something different – something better.  This has led to a dramatic rise in traditional shaving methods being revived such as the single blade razor and the straight razor.  A wonderful little German company called Dovo (leave it to ‘zhe Germans’ to engineer practicality) decided to marry the two concepts and conceived the Shavette razor.

What IS a Shavette Razor

Shavette was originally just the brand name for Dovo’s disposable bladed straight razor, but now it has come to include all brands and varieties of straight razors with replaceable blade attachments.  Simply enough Shavette Razors are folding blade straight razors that use disposable razor single-blades.  They walk like a straight razor, talk like a straight razor but don’t require all the honing and stropping that traditional straight razors do.

Now, before we get all excited about a “better” alternative to straight razor shaving let’s get a few things straight ourselves.  There is absolutely no substitution for a professionally honed straight razor.  While they might require some upkeep in terms of honing, stropping and general hygiene they are also more durable and more steady.  And while shavette razors look like classic straight razors and the shaving technique is generally the same there are some key differences.

What’s the Difference?

With all that being said, shavette razors are sharper and less expensive than a traditional straight razor.  Both shavettes and traditional straight razors have the same handle, pivot, tang, shank, shoulder, back, head, point and heel – all your normal straight razor parts.  But the edge and blade on a shavette are disposable, changeable blades as opposed to the fixed blade of a traditional straight razor.

Why Should I Use a Shavette Over a Cut-Throat?

Like we said, although the two razor types are similar there is one key difference that makes the shavette stand out – namely the blade system.  And with this variance comes a slight difference in application.

  • For one, the shavette razors are actually sharper than their “older brother’s” edge which makes for a closer shave, but can also mean more nicks and cuts with an unsteady hand.
  • Traditional straight razor users also may use shavettes for traveling when they are unable to take their cut-throat with them but still want that barber quality shave when they get to their destination.
  • There is a large price difference. Many suggest that because shavettes are cheaper they would be a good introduction to straight razors before shelling out the big bucks on a traditional version.  Good advice financially, but remember they sharper blade may mean more… learning opportunities.

Choosing the BEST Shavette Razor

With the surge in popularity that shavettes are receiving new manufacturers are springing up faster than newborn rabbits.  So, naturally, we sifted through all the pretenders to find you the three BEST shavette razors out there.  We chose three different brands at three different price points to give you a variety to pick from.

SR1 Barber Straight Razor by Parker

This is our most cost-effective recommendation which makes it a great entry level shavette.  But don’t think just because it is less expensive that Parker skimped on quality!  This shavette is made from excellent stainless steel which makes it very durable and gives it a perfect weight (which is important when trying to keep a steady hand).  This model uses half-inch double-edged razor blades so you have a wide variety of blades to choose from (we recommend the Feather New Hi-Stainless double-edged blades).  Plus, Parker didn’t ignore aesthetics when they made this shavette, they have silver version and a black version – both adorned with filigree along the handle and a clean style that will look great next to your sink.

Shavette Straight Razor by Dovo

Well, Dovo did kind of invent the shavette razor so it’s only natural that they manufacture one of the best shavettes on the market today.  Dovo has been around for over 100 years so you know they have to be doing something right.  Their original shavette is also made of carbon steel which is great for using in the bathroom or shower – it will not rust or corrode as easily as other metals – and it looks great too!  The Dovo also uses half-inch double-edged razorsand the engineering makesit simple enough to change out these replacement blades.  Dovo makes a double-edge blade specifically for their shavette that is stainless steel with a platinum coating, while these blades ARE hard to find they are completely worth the search and last longer than traditional replacements and are generally sharper as well.

SS Razor by Feather Artists Club

This shavette is on the higher end of the financial spectrum, but we never would have included it if we didn’t think it was worth the price.  The handle is made from a resin instead of steel, but we actually like this adjustment because the ergonomics feel perfect in your hand and make you feel in control when shaving.  The rest of the shavette is made of high quality stainless steel which gives the razor a pleasant weight contrast when shaving.  We found that changing out the razors on the Feather was easier than with any other of the shavette options, all you have to do is pinch the head of the razor and the old blade falls right out, pinch the head again and slide in your new blade and you are ready to shave!

Shavette Razors and YOU

While shavette razors were originally created for professional barbers to use – so they could use a new, sanitary blade on every different client – they are now gaining popularity among private users.

  • They are a wonderful alternative for guys who are interested in traditional straight razor shaving but are weary about having to strop and hone a traditional blade (in addition to forking over hefty cash for a quality cut-throat razor) – so the shavette is a practical substitute.
  • Or if you are a practiced hand in the art of straight razor shaving and are looking for something a little sharper and a little less care intensive the shavette is a seamless solution.
  • Shavettes are also great for the traveler who doesn’t want to take his honing and stropping accessories with him.
  • Shavettes are great for carry-on travelers as well – slide your shavette in your carry-on bag and purchase the blade when you arrive at your destination!

Remember, shaving with a shavette may take some time to master, but as with all straight razors this method is an art.  So, take your time – enjoy the shave!!!

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