A Few Tips for Head Shaving

Whether you’re looking for a way to fight a receding hairline or you’re just looking for a new style, shaving head has gotten more and more popular. It’s an easy way to get rid of an outdated comb over that’s dragging your look down, or just add a little panache to your usual styles.

Why do it?

Head shaving can really work. Sure, men can shave their heads with receding hairlines, but there’s more to it than just that. If you hate high-maintenance haircuts that involve too much trimming and upkeep, the shaved style is certainly for you. Save your cash for other things, as you won’t need to pay for your regular haircuts when you can shave your head yourself. Forget your gels, hair wax, and hair treatments and go very low-key.

Not only is it easy, but the shaved style has a touch of attitude. It’s sharp and it’s so easy to maintain, why not try this shaved look?

It’s not just you. . .

Head shaving is popular with celebrities, too. We’ve seen shaved heads on Vin Diesel, Bruce Willis, Michael Jordan, and Andre Agassi, to name a few. A shaved head gives you a chance to highlight strong facial features or highlight a feature you’re proud of, like bright eyes or a sexy, square jaw.

Shaving How-Tos

It’s best to shave your head after a steamy, hot shower, when your pores and hair follicles are open. It’s easier to shave it when the hair has been softened significantly, and your shave will also be closer.

Step 1: Before you get in the shower, consider the current length of your hair. If it is longer than a quarter-inch inches or 0.6 centimeters, it’s recommended that you shave it to that length first. You can do it yourself with a razor like one from Braun or head to the barber for help.

After your hair is at its desired length, prepare for shaving your head by following a strict skin care regimen. Exfoliate your scalp with a grainy scrub like the Avon Clearskin Professional Cleansing Scrub. Rub lightly and rinse thoroughly.

Step 2: When you’re ready to shave, have your shaving cream and razor ready. Try HeadBlade Kit, which is a special razor just for shaving your head. To hold the Headblade properly, put your middle finger into the handle and keep the Headblade in your palm. You may want to practice holding the razor before you start shaving!

Step 3: Apply a shaving lubricant like shaving oil or shaving gel. Work the shaving lather into your scalp the best you can to ensure a close shave.

Step 4: Begin shaving your head with long, smooth strokes without much pressure. Starting with the softest hair first, continue to shave your scalp. Avoid shaving over the same place twice, and rinse the razor with warm water as you slowly shave.

Touch It Up

When you have finished shaving head, rinse it, shampoo your scalp, and apply a moisturizer. Just like your face and facial hair, you need to be careful about blocking the pores on your head. Find a quality natural cream to add moisture to your scalp without spots.

As long as you follow the right procedure for keeping your scalp shaved well, you’ll find that the look for you might be a shaved one. Take care with your shaved head, and you shaving routine will get easier and easier.

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