How to Make Your Hair Style Last All Day


Your hair looks great when you leave your home in the morning.  You spent 30 minutes in front of the mirror putting every strand in its place, sculpting and shaping that mane into submissive perfection.  Damn you look good!  You power through your morning dripping with confidence, when you walk by your co-workers they get whiplash as their heads snap to attention just to get a glimpse of you.  Killing it – all thanks to that hair of yours.

Then after lunch you visit the gentlemen’s room to wash your hands and when you look up from the sink into the mirror: CHAOS!  Your hair looks like steel wool in a lightning storm – what happened?!?  The inevitable progression of time, that’s what happened.  That most unavoidable phenomenon which causes our bodies to decline and our minds to become dull also causes our hair to look like Hercules’ tresses in the morning and Einstein’s shock by noon. Making your hair style last all day means taking a stand against nature or even the Universe itself.

Don’t Lose Your Confidence with Your Style

With this deterioration in your hair style comes a corrosion in confidence.  During that meeting you were stoked about in the A.M., you couldn’t stop yourself from looking in the window at your reflection every 15 seconds – much to the disapproval of your boss.  And when you were talking to that important client you kept running your fingers through your hair after every sentence like a spaced-out school girl.  Get it together man!  Get your hair together!

It’s All About the Groundwork

One of the biggest keys to keeping your hair style last all day starts at the root – literally.  The health of your hair can determine its strength, vitality and… stamina.  We want to revitalize those strands from the root up – and here is how we do it.

  • Use a Biotin supplement – this vitamin helps strengthen your hair and scalp from the inside out. Take once a day with breakfast (we recommend the Biotin with 5000 MCG preparation) and take it consistently, you may not see results for a month or so but your hair will thank you then.
  • Shampoo less – that’s right young man, less. Shampooing can actually strip your hair of essential oils leaving it dull and damaged (we like Every Man Jack Shampoo for when you DO shampoo).
  • Condition more – even on days you don’t use shampoo, rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water and then condition. Condition DAILY (we like Brickell Men’s Revitalizing Hair Conditioner)
  • Eat healthy – diets heavy in saturated fats and sugars can inflame the scalp causing sebaceous glands to over produce and may even speed up hair loss. On the other side of the coin, foods rich in vitamins and HEALTHY fats (unsaturated fats) like avocados and tree nuts can make your hair stronger and look healthier.

Be Smart with What You Put on Your Hair

We all put a lot of time and effort (and money) into styling our hair, let’s put just as much effort into picking out a styling product that WORKS and LASTS.  There are plenty of products out there to choose from, so we want to pick one that is not only going to hold that style all day long but also keep your hair healthy.

  • Avoid using styling products with alcohols in the ingredients – this will dry out your hair making it weak and brittle, thus making your style weak and brittle. You’ll be lucky to last until lunch.
  • Avoid using gels – these products have a super strong hold but as soon as it comes in contact with moisture or gets even slightly ruffled it is over with, and there is no re-styling with gels.
  • Use a hair fiber for your styling needs – these are great styling products that not only will hold your hair style all day long but rejuvenate hair as well (our favorite fiber is Smooth Viking’s Hydrating Fiber Crème)
  • Use a hair clay for healthy, lasting elegance – hair clays are another amazing styling product that is relatively new to the scene. This product contains actual clay (in the form of volcanic ash in most preparations) which helps strengthen and protect hair.  Not only do these hair clays hold a hair style all day, but they are malleable so if you want to change styles after work, just reshape!

Be Prepared for Anything

No matter how much time you invest into making that beautiful hair of your last through the day and into the night, emergencies will inevitably pop up – c’est la vie.  The only thing we can do when a torrential down pour drowns our head or a tornado strength wind flattens our mop is asses and regroup.

  • Bring a small quantity of your styling product out with you (put it in your briefcase), then if anything unexpected happens during the day, you have been expecting it!
  • If you are prone to frizz flare ups carry around a travel bottle of anti-frizz serum (we like Kiehl’s Silk Groom Serum), this will allow you to touch up your hair at the first sign of a humidity crisis.
  • A pocket comb is a guy’s best friend – if you take our wonderful advice and use a fiber or clay (especially with the clays) you can always whip out your comb and reshape and restyle after a natural disaster ravages your hair (or after that man-child from management ruffles your head like a creepy uncle). Another advantage to the styling clays and fibers.
  • Don’t be afraid to restyle mid-day – we exist in an age where our looks and appearance dictate how people perceive us and our abilities, so it is important to look our best. With that being said, don’t be timid about bringing a few touch up items into work with you for mid-day use in the gentlemen’s room.  If someone walks in on your grooming just shoot them a look as if to say “damn, right I’m touching up my hair, why aren’t YOU!”.

A man’s style says a lot about his personality – a well-groomed man is a confident one.  And there are few things more powerful than a confident man, when we feel good about ourselves we can accomplish just about anything.  So stay confident, stay well-groomed and make that hair style last all day.

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