Men’s Hairstyles of the ’80s Today

If you look around, you will see that hairstyles have started to match the trendiest looks. Where we’ve been seeing 1970s inspired skinny ties and ’80s looks with Miami Vice style colors and patterns, we’re also seeing corresponding haircuts. Just like fashion, hairstyle trends are cyclical by nature. While we may not be rocking our faux ‘hawks and almost-mullets anymore, newer and far more flattering looks are here to try.

What’s Hot

Rocker Hair

Longer hair is back in, but there’s no trace of a mullet style this time. Hair is longer and shaped, but has an all-over longer appeal than we’ve seen recently. If you love longer hair, try this ’80s style and even experiment with tying it back if you’re game.

Medium-Long Wavy Cut

Worn by Tom Cruise in the past, this haircut highlights curls with just the slightest bit of ’80s flair. Wear your hair about 3-4 inches at the top and 1-2 inches as it reaches the back of your head. Comb your curls back with a little mousse or gel.

If you love the mullet hairstyle from the ’80s, you can try to grow out the very back of your hair along the hairline combined with the length on top. Brush the sides back a little and spray your hair with a touch of hairspray to hold this longer style.

Punky Hairstyles

The punk look is so popular, and one of the most versatile looks from the ’80s. Like more hip styles from celebrities like Jared Leto, you can wear your ’80s hairstyle with longer, stick-straight bangs that don’t look squeaky-clean. To get the look without having to skimp on your showers, invest in a thick hair paste or wax.

Get the Look

Remember that even if the style you’re getting is the very latest, if it doesn’t suit you, then you simply won’t look good. Talk to your hairstylist about what truly flatters you. Sometimes a hybrid ‘do can flatter you more than a carbon copy of ’80s looks.

If you are nervous about trying ’80s hairstyles right away, get your look gradually. Try altering your hairstyle with gradual changes if you’re not ready to take the plunge. With the help of your hairdresser, you can figure out a way to style your hair with just a touch of the ’80s trendy vibe.

Products You’ll Need

Hairspray: Every ’80s hairstyle needs hairspray added to get the right effect. But if you begin imaging a stiff, sticky mess, that’s where you’re wrong. Hairspray is a lot more versatile today, and is an indispensable addition to our updated ’80s styles. One affordable hairspray is Consort, available in different hold levels like Medium and Extra Hold.

Gel: American Crew styling gel will define curls and waves for longer ’80s looks. You can also try American Crew Forming Creme for a softer hold on your punkier hairstyles, holding bangs and your slightly disheveled style right in place.