Moustaches and Styles

The perfect first impression means finding the right style from your head to your toes. Considering the way that you will want to be characterized and looked at for the first time may mean taking into account the possibility of growing a moustache.

There are a variety of moustache styles that have been popular through the ages, all which add a lasting impression to those that you are speaking to. Knowing what moustaches will work for your facial shape, as well as what is in style, will help you to determine the right style for you.

Throughout history, men styled their moustaches in order to present a specific image.


One of the most remembered styles is known as the handlebar moustache. Usually, these are trimmed to be thinner but will be longer to the sides. These specific moustaches are remembered by the end of the moustache that curls upwards, which is maintained with styling wax.

The second type of moustache style is often referred to as the “Fu Manchu.” This particular style will be directly over the lip then move down around the mouth and jaw.

More oval version of this style is also known as “Horseshoe.” This style can be shaped as a square or circular figure, and are often used as part of a goatee.

From here, moustache styles have been changed according to how much they are trimmed, thickness, hair type and how to present them in relation to other facial features. For comprehensive list of styles with illustrations click here.

If you are considering a moustache, you will need to make sure that you get the right style. Because a moustache is a cosmetic decision, you will need to determine if it will compliment your facial features. The general rule is that smaller facial features will mean that the moustache should be thinner and trimmed. If you have larger facial features, then the moustache will most likely look better with a fuller look.

Another factor to look into is that the style of your moustache balances with the size and shape of your mouth and nose as well as the shape of your face. If you have a square face, you will want to compliment the shape with a square shaped moustache. A rounder face should be the opposite, and usually works better with a thinner shape to the moustache. The main rule is to make sure that the extra facial hair will compliment your facial features.

Experimentation for the right moustache has caused a specific appearance to become part of the moustache feature. For example, a fuller moustache that is in the Horseshoe style is in style for those who want an appearance that is rougher. This particular style is popular with those that can create a thicker line and attach their moustache to a beard.

Another popular moustache style is a thinner and trimmed moustache. This is often referred to as a quasi goatee and is known to give a calmer and more formal look to your face. The thin line for a moustache that moves down on both sides of the mouth is one of the most popular styles. With this type of moustache, keeping the right trim and length is what will give the best look.

Whatever styles you’ll be wearing, the most important thing is to keep them clean, neat and well groomed. Making sure that you keep the right trim, as well as knowing which styles suits you and what are current trends will ensure that your facial features are enhanced in order to add attractiveness to your face area and also to your whole appearance.

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