A Few Scalp Care Tips for Bald Men (by Choice or Nature)

Bald guys need to give their scalps some love, too. There may not be any hair, but skin can collect a film of oils and dirt that’s not just icky, but can contribute to a greasy or even spotty scalp.

The optimal routine begins with the usual shower rinsing, but if you like cold showers, try to up the temperature a bit when you’re concentrating on your scalp. The reason? Warm or hot water will rinse away oil film and scalp conditioning products much more easily.

If you’re completely bald, you may be tempted to use just soap on your scalp. It’s quick, it’s easy, and furthermore, it’s cheap. But that doesn’t mean that it works well (or at all!).

Why is plain ‘ol soap such a nightmarish product for your scalp, though? Soap has a different pH level and is usually formulated for tougher skin that won’t dry out as easily. It may contain ingredients like lye or strong fragrances that can irritate your scalp, and it may even make your scalp break out in a pimple fest. Since you probably don’t have enough to artfully arrange it over any spots or rashes (and even if you did, that’s definitely not a recommended choice), you should stick with the stuff that works for everyone.

When your scalp gets dried out from soap or just from the seasonal itchiness, you may notice flaking. Besides it being just another reason not to use soap on your scalp, it’s unattractive and uncomfortable. You can reduce flakiness with the following steps:

• Moisturizing. Whether it’s a scalp crème or a conditioner, you’ll be a whole lot happier if you’ve got a clean, clear scalp. A useful product (recommended by Bald Friend of Mine) is Men-U Healthy Hair and Scalp Shampoo.

• Address scalp problems as they arise, and use products that correspond to your scalp situation. If you have a scalp that’s slightly more oily or is prone to irritation, use shampoos formulated for oily scalps.

• Try an ingrown hair serum if you’re bald by choice. The one I’ve been directed to is by Prince Reigns, and while it may be marketed towards women, don’t be discouraged. It will improve shaving bumps and reduce dark marks, too.

There are also other concerns for your scalp. When you’ve got all your hair, it’s easy to forget that the scalp burns. You’ll need to protect your head with a sunscreen, so aim for SPF 25 or better, and don’t forget that you need to slather some on every four hours when you’re in the sun. Product lines like Bald Guyz are designed specifically with your scalp in mind, so you can’t complain that it doesn’t look great because there are no products available. You’ve just got to do some hunting and testing to treat your scalp right.




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