Shaving Nicks Tricks

There’s nothing worse than nicking yourself when you’re already late, you’re heading out the door, or when you’re due to be presenting at a company meeting. When it happens, you’ve got to think quickly.

Even if you’ve got a gusher, the more you rub, the more you can disturb the natural clotting process. That goes the same for peeking, too: if you check a nick often while applying pressure, you will dislodge the clot. The next time you’ve got a serious shaving nick, try these steps to stop the bleeding and get on with it.

1. Keep a styptic pencil on hand.
This shaving must-have contains either sulfate or titanium dioxide to keep your nicks under control. You can find this stand-by at any pharmacy or shaving shop that stocks the basics, or online at and men’s grooming stores.

2. Cauterize the spot.
This don’t sound half as bad as you might think—simply stick a washcloth or face flannel under a hot tap for a few seconds and then press it firmly to the nick itself. Don’t rub! If you repeat this step four or five times in a row, you’ll stop the nick from bleeding.

3. Use a little scrape of deodorant.
All you need to do is get some antiperspirant on a cotton swab and then rub it on. Be sure to double-check that your antiperspirant contains aluminum!

4. Use sugar. It’s a quick remedy, and unlike the scary proposition of using ground pepper or cayenne, this won’t sting a bit. Simply pour a little sugar out on a spoon, and press some onto the cut. You can stop the bleeding almost immediately.

5. Use over-the-counter products like My Nik is Sealed. This product will glide over nicks and doesn’t sting. Keep a tube of this lip balm-like product around the washroom for emergencies. You could also consider blotting papers like Seal On, which do the trick very nicely.

6. Stock up on QR powder. It stops the bleeding of 98% of cuts in a minute or less. QR Powder can be found at and

7. Completely out of aforementioned products? Consider using Vaseline. You can apply it to a small cut to stop the bleeding pretty quickly.

If you’re still looking for a way to cut down on nicks, consider shaving right in or directly after the shower, and with a fresh blade. Experiment with razor types and creams while you’re at it to get the best results possible. Just remember: you can’t safeguard against all nicks, and that’s when this list certainly comes in handy! If you have another technique to share, comment and tell us what your secret is.

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