Bath Products for Men


Really, manly bath products do exist. You can find lots of different bath products to use for everyday use, as well as more expensive products for primping and home spa sessions. Mix-and-match according to your mood and budget, and you’ll be surprised. You’ll feel better, look better, and you may even look forward to your morning shower. Well, maybe not, but it will make it a little less … [Read more...]

Manly Home Spa Treatments: Yeah, They Exist


Whether you crave a spa treatment or you've looked in the mirror and realized that you just don't look as refreshed as you'd like to be, there's an easy solution: spa treatments cooked up right at home. Forget having to book an appointment, wait for a half hour, and then get right back into traffic after a day of relaxation. Home spas are simple and completely customizable for any guy, … [Read more...]

Underarm Sweating: It’s About Control


Sweat control can be a delicate situation. If you stress about sweating, then you've probably noticed that your body reacts and makes you sweatier. Not pleasant for you or anyone else. If you feel like you have been doing all the right things, but underarm sweating remains a problem, try extra precautions. … [Read more...]