Summer Fragrance Picks for Men

When you're choosing a summer fragrance, don't forget that heavier scents will smell even stronger. A lighter fragrance such as a fruitier scent, including citrus notes, or an aqua scent will work perfectly in warm weather. If you really love your new fragrance, don't forget that you can add a slight splash in the afternoon as a pick-me-up. … [Read more...]

Tips for Applying and Wearing Men’s Cologne


The cardinal rule of wearing men's cologne is this: Don’t drench yourself. You may love, love, love the fragrance you’ve chosen and want to share it with the world, but the world may not have the same enthusiasm for it. Actually, the world may prefer (and usually does prefer) you enter and leave a room, leaving just a hint of fragrance in the air. And because some colognes tend to … [Read more...]

ABC’s of Selecting Men’s Colognes


When choosing a men's cologne personal preference should always take the lead, but there are a few other things you want to take into consideration. Smelling in store is not enough Keep in mind that almost every fragrance has three distinct notes that will slowly appear as you go through your day. If you choose it by simply smelling it in the store, you are missing out on two of … [Read more...]