Long Lasting Deodorants for Men

As we have visited in some of our previous articles, the problem of underarm sweat and stink is one that does not discriminate and that affects all guys at one point or another. But luckily there are plenty of things we can do about it, the most basic is finding a deodorant that fights the sweat and actually lasts throughout the day. There are countless products that offer potent … [Read more...]

The Best, Longest Lasting, Winter Fragrances for Men

You have been wearing that same cologne for how long now? Yes, it smells fine and your high school prom date bought it for you (and yes, it was true love) but don’t you think it’s time to try some new scents. We know change is scary, but the only thing more frightening for a man is COMITMENT (the last thing you want is to wake up one morning in your 60’s next to that same bottle of … [Read more...]

10 Best Long Lasting Summer Fragrances for Men

Many guys have that one cologne, that go-to fragrance they wear day after day. While loyalty is a wonderful quality, variety is the spice of life. A sophisticated gentlemen has an arsenal of fragrances to access for every occasion. A first date would require a different scent than, say, a wedding would; you should wear a different cologne during your workday than you wear out on the … [Read more...]

Tips for Choosing, Applying and Wearing Men’s Cologne

When choosing a cologne personal preference should always take the lead, but there are a few other things you want to take into consideration. Smelling in store is not enough Keep in mind that almost every fragrance has three distinct notes that will slowly appear as you go through your day. If you choose it by simply smelling it in the store, you are missing out on two of the … [Read more...]