Grooming Guide for 40+


Mature skin may not be as elastic or as smooth, but you do have a good deal more character with 40+ skin. Mature skin has its drawbacks, sure. If you work with it well and don't treat it like it's half its age, you'll have satisfactory results as you age. … [Read more...]

Grooming Guide for the 30 Somethings


Gotten over the 30-year-old slump? Good for you. On to more important things. . . like assessing any damage from your 20s, and fighting changes that are sneaking up on you (very unpleasantly, I might add), and looking better than ever. That's the goal at least, so keep on reading. . . … [Read more...]

Grooming Guide for the 20 Somethings


Grooming rules may change as you get past your teens: you may not be busting out the blemish cream half as much, and you may also be facing new concerns (like keeping your skin young as you progress through your 20s). Hair A quarter of all men in their 20s start losing their hair, and although you may not be one now, why not prepare yourself for some hair loss ahead of time? … [Read more...]

Hand and Nail Care Tips for Men


Gone are the days where manicures are a luxury just for women! Whether you indulge in a professional manicure or do one yourself at home, regular hand and nail maintenance is a grooming necessity. Your hands are often involved in making a first impression, and implementing a regular hand and nail care regimen will help make the best first impression possible. Aside from keeping … [Read more...]

A Few Foot Care Tips for Men


Why should you consider a foot care regimen? It will keep your feet looking and feeling better, will help prevent painful calluses, can minimize odor, and women will appreciate it. Simply put, men who take care of themselves make a better impression. No one wants to look at gnarly toes sticking out of sandals in summer or give a foot massage to someone who has cracked and calloused feet. … [Read more...]

8 Grooming Resolutions for the New Year

Do you feel like you've tried every trick out there to improve your appearance? Have you considered giving yourself a bit of man-makeover but you don't know what to do first? Instead of making a huge vow for New Year's, you can look better fast—without much effort after all. 1. Tweak Your Shaving Routine Wait approximately 30 minutes after getting up in the A.M. to shave. Your facial … [Read more...]