Hairstyling for Thin Hair


Your hair is something like a vintage Cadillac—the better you preserve it, the longer it lasts. With careful styling and smart cuts, you'll feel younger and more confident. It's merely a question of style: if you've got thin hair, you've got to know what to do—and what to avoid. Everyone needs to accept his hair for what it is. If it's thinning, we need to ask ourselves to what … [Read more...]

Hairstyles for Your Face Shape


Once you know your face shape, you can choose the right hairstyle to flatter you best. Take advantage of our guide to hairstyles to get the one that suits you. … [Read more...]

Men’s Hairstyles Glossary

Stumped on what hairstyle to get or do you just want to review your options? Check out this glossary of men's hairstyles to guide you. … [Read more...]

Men’s Hairstyles of the ’80s Today

If you look around, you will see that hairstyles have started to match the trendiest looks. Where we've been seeing 1970s inspired skinny ties and '80s looks with Miami Vice style colors and patterns, we're also seeing corresponding haircuts. Just like fashion, hairstyle trends are cyclical by nature. While we may not be rocking our faux 'hawks and almost-mullets anymore, newer and far … [Read more...]