5 Traditional Shaving Brands You Mustn’t Forget About


Razors are festooned with bells and whistles these days. Before you think I'm just a traditionalist on a mission, think about it: when you're shopping for shaving supplies, you're inundated with multi-blades complete with swivel necks, exfoliating pads, and battery-operated wet shavers that make most men do a double take. Even if you pride yourself as on top of the next thing, don't … [Read more...]

Choosing Your First Straight Razor


Choosing a straight razor can be tricky. If you’re a novice, how will you know exactly what you need to be looking out for, anyway? Straight razors may not be my forte by choice, but I’ve spent enough time trying to buy one for other persona that I have to admit (and I’m not being vain): I really know my razors. … [Read more...]

Novice Tips: Shaving with a Straight Razor


Shaving with a straight razor can be a little scary at first, but the results are worth it. Plenty of men swear by their straight razors because they provide a smooth, reliable shave that they can control with the right sharpening techniques. If you have to shave anyway, whether it’s to hang onto that job, look hot for a date, or do a little touch up on a disaster facial hair … [Read more...]

Shaving Nicks Tricks


There’s nothing worse than nicking yourself when you’re already late, you’re heading out the door, or when you’re due to be presenting at a company meeting. When it happens, you’ve got to think quickly. Even if you've got a gusher, the more you rub, the more you can disturb the natural clotting process. That goes the same for peeking, too: if you check a nick often while … [Read more...]