Underarm Sweating: It’s About Control

Sweat control can be a delicate situation. If you stress about sweating, then you’ve probably noticed that your body reacts and makes you sweatier. Not pleasant for you or anyone else.

If you feel like you have been doing all the right things, but underarm sweating remains a problem, try extra precautions.

Follow the basics: shower often, shower well. Scrub with a deodorant soap, and make it a rule not to go anywhere without a shower first. Good guidelines are post work-out, pre-work, pre-dinner, especially if there’s a date down the line. Stay scrupulous and don’t slack. If you feel like you may possibly be a tad, well, fragrant, then you probably are.

Next, do some self-evaluation. Are you using proper products for your needs? If you live with excessive underarm sweating, check what you’ve been using for scent control €”is your deodorant an antiperspirant, too? If not, it should be. Say it with me: deodorants mask, antiperspirants prevent!

Besides extra-strength antiperspirants, stock up on body sprays. Don’t camouflage odor with cologne. You’ll get a cocktail of sweat and sour scent that’s worse underarm body odor than your original. If you’re stuck halfway through the day and feeling self-conscious, bring along emergency antiperspirant wipes for men from Nivea, or zip to the gym at lunchtime for a quick shower.

There’s also the question of grooming. Underarm hair can trap moisture and odor. Sweat is actually scentless, and it’s the bacteria that break down the sweat on the surface. Just a trim will do wonders. With help from body hair trimmers like Wahl’s, you can decrease your underarm body odor by reducing your bacteria haven.

Summertime can be problem-time, especially for businessmen. If you feel pressure to wear short sleeved business shirts but you don’t like the look, try a linen-cotton blend long sleeved shirts. Brooks Brothers stocks some smart versions at affordable prices.

During the summer months, natural fibers are your best friends. 100% cotton can be cooling, but also takes a long time to feel dry again. Go for a natural fiber blend and try new sweat-wicking fabrics like Coolmax®.

In the same vein, avoid color extremes. If you choose a shirt that’s too dark, it will retain heat and maximize your sweating potential not good. Bright, solid colors will highlight sweat marks, so try your best to buy understated patterns in medium to light tones. If you are plagued with underarm patches, try an undershirt with cooling properties, like one made from Capilene® or Coolmax®. Your shirt will absorb sweat before it reaches your outer €”visible layers.

Part of the secret is the layer. A suit jacket can be a blessing come winter time. If you’re sweating no matter what, at least it will provide a cover-up for the marks that may appear. Be careful with the weight of your coat that you put on in the morning. Take your jacket off in the subway or the car if you feel even the slightest bit flushed. Layer on the weekend with a polo shirt plus sweater, and you’ll never feel overheated.

If you follow these grooming guidelines and you’ve still got problems with sweating, you’ll need to evaluate other elements. There are always more extreme measures. Talk to your doctor about Drysol, which contains a product called aluminum chloride hexahydrate. It is applied at night and washed off in the morning, and can reduce excessive sweating up to eighty percent. There’s also Xerac for more sensitive skin. So if problems are persisting, see someone to help.

Underarm sweating doesn’t make you abnormal in any way. If you don’t control it, that’s what gets you noticed. Try different techniques to help find the right one for you.

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