Get the Wet Look

Do you like the way your hair looks when it’s wet? Thankfully, the wet look isn’t just about jheri curls anymore, but about keeping high-gloss shine in your hair with a piece texture. Take a look at how it’s done!

1. Choose the product (we suggested some below)
Don’t give in to using just any product you find. You’ve got to research (even if it’s just a little) to give your hair the proper effect. First, you need to consider your hair type to get the right look. If your hair is thicker or coarse, then you can get away with a stronger gel type like an extra hold product, and if you have curly hair, you may want to check out a product with anti-frizz ingredients.

One other important consideration to make is the quality of your gel. It’s essential that you get a gel that works well with your hair type, but non-flake formulas are essential. Who cares about the wet hair when you’ve got dandruff?

2. Apply your hair gel
Even if your style might make it look like your hair is a touch mussed, that doesn’t mean you should be slicking your hair back when it’s dirty. Instead, follow the basics of gel application: put a touch of gel in one hand, rub your hands together, and apply it to damp hair that has been towel dried. If you get the basics down, then applying product for a wet look gets a lot easier.

But you need to be careful when you’re shaping your wet style. Hair can still look wet without being helmet-crunchy. While applying gel to wet hair will give you a softer effect, you also need to monitor how much you end up using. Do you have a lot of hair? Don’t dump on the gel to compensate. Instead, invest in a high quality gel that’s formulated for extra hold.

3. Consider other options
Gel certainly isn’t your only choice. Pomade, which is made out of oil or polymers similar to gel, can give you a smooth, wet look. If you hunt out high-shine formulas, then the wet style gets even easier to manage.

• While the style is best achieved when you apply gel and allow your hair to air dry, but if you need your hair to look slightly more natural with that deep shine, then you can give your hair a quick blast with the hair dryer.
• Plan for your gelled hair to work best in the night scene. Sometimes the wet look is best kept to the clubs, like the women’s equivalent of the “smoky eye” effect.

Suggested Products

Wildroot Original * The Natural Looking Hair Groom 15 Oz
This product keeps hair in place and gives a great wet look.

Lucky Tiger 3 Purpose Hair Tonic With Fine Oils 16 Oz.
Lucky Tiger is a great barbershop tunic that will condition itchy scalps.

Groom & Clean Greaseless Hair Control
Groom and Clean works with water for a non-greasy effect. The hair control product also benefits from cleansing properties, so it’s a little bit like a shampoo and gel in one. After applying it to your hair, you can rinse dirt and grease out of your hair in the shower or even with a wet comb.

Vitalis Hair Tonic, 12-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 2)
This liquid makes hair manageable, but it’s not greasy.

Brylcreem Hair Groom, Original, 5.5 fl oz (162 ml) (Pack of 3)
Brylcreem is a great choice for classic men, with very deep shine.


  1. Brylcreem will do the job perfectly. It’s really good stuff.

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