Trimming a Beard

Whether you are a novice beard trimmer or someone looking for a tip, obtaining the perfectly trimmed beard can be downright challenging. Brush up on your technique or just review the basics here!

What you’ll need:
Scissors or a beard trimmer


Before getting ready to trim that beard, always make sure that you are following a proper grooming regimen. Never skip to shampoo and rinse your beard first.

Tip: Be sure to allow your beard to dry before you shape it. Trimming it wet could result in a shrinking effect when your beard dries, because it may seem longer when wet.

The Tools

When your beard is clean and ready to go, be sure that you’ve got all the tools on hand. It’s essential that you have the proper equipment.

Scissors are an excellent way to get a very accurate beard trim, as well as for trimming mustaches or hard-to-reach areas. Barber’s scissors are very effective and provide a close trim. Try ones from Clubman or Colonel Conk for a professional finish.

To trim using a comb and scissors, first comb through your beard so that your hair faces the same direction and is at its maximum height. After all your hair is looking nice and straight, carefully begin trimming your hair on the outside of the comb. One useful tip for beginners is to cut a very small amount of your hair to begin with, to avoid making any errors while you’re still getting the knack.

Beard Trimmer
If you like the control of using a comb but you don’t like scissors, you can always trim your beard using a comb and your beard trimmer. Simply hold your beard hairs in place, and use your beard trimmer to move along the length of the comb.

With settings to help you easily control your beard’s length, beginners can benefit from this method. For first-time users, try to set your trimmer on a longer beard length setting.

The Details

Balancing your beard can be tough. To help maintain balance, try trimming one side of it down from the ear, and repeating on the other side afterwards.

Beard trimmers can also be used on your neckline to maintain a well-defined beard. Remove the trimming guide to carefully trim away stubble. Use your trimmer vertically, and don’t forget to start with the edge of your beard line so that you don’t trim too much!

Maybe clean isn’t really your look, and a little bit of stubble is your style. Use a beard trimmer at a close setting like 1 (1.5 mm) or 2 (2.5 mm), and be careful not to trim too much hair, which may give you an uneven, blotchy look.

Once you have trimmed your beard, remember that upkeep is essential.

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