Best Matte Hair Products for Men

Best Matte Look Hair Products

For a true gentleman our outward appearance is extremely important because it reflects a certain level of sophistication and our desire to be the best, from top to bottom. That often starts, quite literally, with our hair. How we take care of our hair says a lot about our own style and character as it is often the first thing people will notice about us. Most people form their initial opinion based on outward appearance first and, as the saying goes, you only have one chance to make a first impression.

Natural Matte Look is for Everyday and Shiny Style is for Formal Occasions

Many guys don’t like that highly-styled glossy look that comes with the majority of hair styling products for men. Pomades, oils, gels and other styling essentials can leave hair with an attention grabbing sine. Some guys prefer this style, some save the high-gloss look only for formal occasions, and others still err toward something more natural looking.

Just because you want a natural look doesn’t mean you don’t want style and it can be difficult to find a product with long-lasting hold and easy styling that provides this matte-finish we desire. That’s what matte is – a styled look that holds the appearance of not having a handful of product in our hair.

So why matte over gloss? Well, the high-shine style is typically viewed as much more formal than the matte-style. This may be fine for C-Suite executives and your average gentleman on a special occasion but sometimes we want a style that looks casual and effortless. Plus, the matte-style used to be much more difficult to achieve but with the popularization of newer ingredients the matte-look is now as easy as ever to sport.

Choosing Products for Matte Hair Look

What we are looking for in a true matte-finish product are the fibers and clays. Creams and waxes are also great for a natural look but some can produce minimal shine if applied to wet hair. Others still are just improperly marketed pomades and gels, and these, along with oils, are the high-gloss products that we are trying to avoid when going after that natural and effortless appearance.

With so many differently products out there it can be extremely difficult to find exactly what you are looking for. So, true to our form, we delved into the world of matte-finish hair styling products for men. There are hundreds out there, from waxes and fibers to creams and clays, we reviewed and researched the lot of them and picked out our five favorite.

Paul Mitchell – Firm Style Dry Wax

While this product is marketed for both men and women we simply could not leave it out – Firm Style Dry Wax is that good! This product is the perfect blend of hold and pliability without compromising longevity.

Free of parabens, gluten and dyes this wax is also safe on color treated hair which makes it perfect for the older gentleman who dyes his greys and is looking for a great matte style. (list of beard dyes)

Paul Mitchell uses microcrystalline wax and mineral oil as the base of his Dry Wax. This particular wax provides a long lasting hold that you are even able to re-style throughout the day if you need to. An impressive array of botanical extracts like jojoba, aloe and rosemary also provide some wonderful restorative qualities and a nice clean scent that doesn’t overpower and compliments any other aromas you may be wearing.

Our only warning when using this product is that washing out Dry Wax can often prove a challenge. Make sure to use very hot water and a generous supply of shampoo if you are trying to get all of the wax out. On the other hand, it is a testament to its stamina and durability.

Vaughn – V76 Molding Paste

This molding past is perhaps the most beneficial of the products we chose, without compromising strength or durability. Extracts like slippery elm, birch leaf and Irish moss heal and protect hair while natural moisturizers provide a deep hydration. This paste is great for guys with damaged hair especially due to sun exposure, heat, dyes or other harsh chemicals.

Most of the matt-look products we found with such a positive health profile didn’t stand up to our hold and volume standards – but V76 did. This molding past strengthens and thickens hair while providing the volume and hold you always look for in a styling agent.

This product will require a bit of restructuring if you have evening plans but that is super easy as the paste never gets dry or crusty giving you the ability to re-style your hair whenever you need to.

Our only suggestions when using this product are to not apply to wet hair and DO NOT use too much. Both of these faux pas may cause your hair to look a little less matte that you want, though still never glossy or shiny.

Sachajuan – Ocean Mist Salt Spray

This is definitely an atypical styling product but we absolutely love its effect and wanted to share this new find with guys everywhere. The Ocean Mist spray is different because, well… it is a spray. Instead of massaging a finger of wax into your hair just spray Ocean Mist and tussle your mane until you get your desired look.

Ocean Mist is inspired by that beach hair we all love so much and is supposed to replicate the effects that refreshing saltwater has on our hair. For that very reason, this product provides the most matte-finish out there.

Especially perfect for those of us with fine or thin hair, this salt spray gives your hair much more volume and does a perfect job lifting and separating individual hairs offering texture to thin hair that is often otherwise unattainable.

The very minor drawback to this product is that you will most likely find the need to reapply in the evening. After a full day of activity Ocean Mist does lose a bit of its hold so if you are going out in the evening you will need another dose. Luckily, the bottle is very travel friendly and a little goes a long way – just a spray or two will get you back to where you want to be.

Imperial – Matte Pomade Paste

Another phenomenal hair styling product for that natural, matte finish, Imperial Matte Pomade Paste checks all the boxes. Unlike most other solid products, this paste is water based which offers a few benefits… and setbacks; but we love it and it really depends on what you need in a styling agent.

Being water based as opposed to oil or wax based makes washing out Matte Pomade Paste a very easy task, a little shampoo or even just hot water and conditioner will give you a clean wash. This also makes re-styling during the day a simple move as Imperial formulated their product to be “water reactivatable”. This means that massaging a bit of water into your hair during the day allows you to completely re-style or touch-up your top.

The downside to the formulation, and the flip side of that same coin, is that water does cause the paste to break down. This means sweat, moisture and even high-humidity conditions may cause your hair to lose its hold; however, this is not such an issue as to make it ineffective.

The water based make-up and natural extracts such as sunflower, bamboo and green tea make the past extremely gentle on your hair and can even heal and protect your precious mane.

18.21 – Man Made Clay

Wow! Just… wow. Everything you want in a matte-look hair product and the most amazing scent of just about any hair product out there. 18.21’s Man Made Clay knocks it out of the park combining the aromas of smooth whiskey, sweet pipe tobacco, spicy saffron and a touch of vanilla to create the most manly smell on the market.

Olfactory profile aside, this is also a quality molding clay that provides everything you would expect. Perfect for thin hair or those of us that may be losing a bit of our hair, this clay coats and separates your individual hairs providing a level of volume and texture that is often difficult to come by when using clays and waxes.

The natural beeswax along with macadamia and quinoa extracts also make this a healthier choice for guys with brittle or damaged hair.

The only suggestion we have when using this product (along with many other clays and waxes) is to heat up the clay before applying it to promote ease of use. You can accomplish this by running it under the blow dryer for a few seconds or simple rubbing it vigorously between your palms. This loosens the clay up and allows it to more thoroughly coat your hair and get down to the roots. Man Made Clay provides a solid hold throughout the day that won’t give up in the heat or fall apart with a little sweat.

For a more sculpted look apply the clay to wet or slightly damp hair, for the most shine-free looking finish apply to dry hair. Either way you go, this Man Made Clay will give you the perfect matte finish.

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