Dos and Donts for Facial Hair Styling

Even if you’re young, your face still has changed over the years. It’s a question of time before you’ll need to update even the most basic of styles. If it’s been a while, here is a refresher course for this season’s ins and outs.

1. YES: experiment! Shaving can get a tad boring sometimes, but it’s difficult to pinpoint what look suits and flatters. Should you go for a goatee, or a full beard? Moustache or simply clean shaven? It’s good to get a look at what’s in style and base the updated you on something “in.” Consider how much facial hair styles have changed in a few decades—Starsky and Hutch-style ‘tache, anyone?

Looks to try: Square faces are ideal for experimentation. A soft jawline is flattered with a beard or goatee shape, while rounded stubble will disguise a strong chin. Beards and carefully maintained moustaches often flatter very round faces.

2. NO: below the lip goatees and “Chinese” moustaches. They’ve been done.

3. YES: partial goatee, sort of quasi-French style. Not a simple goatee, but a hybrid with a chin-patch, moustache, and a small patch below lip can be pulled off by some daring men. If you were upset by number two, then perhaps sporting this facial hair style will console you.

4. NO: going too long is a mistake, especially without the proper grooming techniques. Just because you’re growing a beard doesn’t mean that you should forget all upkeep. Trimming, shaving, and shaping come into play when there’s more to groom. Make sure to buy grooming tools that provide all you need for facial hair maintenance.

5. YES: sideburns are a classic look that is also thankfully easy to maintain. They’ve got appeal and panache, but without a lot of hassle. That being said, while sideburns are sexy, it’s a question of control.

Just a smidgen of extra sideburn can really make or break your profile. Normal sideburn length goes to your ear’s midpoint. Sideburns need to balance your facial features and complement your hairstyle, but even more importantly, they need meticulous shaping for a stunning effect.

6. NO: extreme beards should be avoided. While it may seem dashing or intriguing, sporting a good deal of facial hair and a bald, shiny head is a bit much. Some men have pulled off this look better than others, so if you must, follow their examples. Sean Connery and Samuel L. Jackson are been able to match flattering facial hair styles without much on top. In the opposite end of the spectrum, men with long hair, mustaches, and beards look a bit wild (read: convict-esque or motorcycle gang member). If that’s the look you’re going for, then so be it. Otherwise, you might want to steer clear.

7. YES: stubble is in. It adds to your manly edge, and packs a good punch of sex appeal. If you go for stubble, go for the full effect. Shaving the neck and leaving stubble is out! Less work for you, really, but don’t forget to trim to avoid the full beard look.

8. NO: dyeing or unusual shaping. Please.

9. YES: while it doesn’t really count as part of the list, one of the best facial hair looks will always be clean shaven. Sure, it’s professional looking, but it also carries some impact in the relationship department, too: women will be able to kiss “beard burn” goodbye.

Following these rules will give you an instant update to your look. Don’t be afraid to change. In fact, it could be the best thing you’ve done all year, improving your appearance and upping your confidence and sex appeal.

If considering a mustache


One of the most remembered styles is known as the handlebar mustache. Usually, these are trimmed to be thinner but will be longer to the sides. These specific mustaches are remembered by the end of the mustache that curls upwards, which is maintained with styling wax.

The second type of mustache style is often referred to asthe “Fu Manchu.” This particular style will be directly over the lip then move down around the mouth and jaw.

More oval version of this style is also known as“Horseshoe.” This style can be shaped as a square or circular figure, and are often used as part of a goatee.

From here, mustache styles have been changed according to how much they are trimmed, thickness, hair type and how to present them in relation to other facial features. For comprehensive list of styles with illustrations click here.

If you are considering a mustache, you will need to make sure that you get the right style. Because a mustache is a cosmetic decision, you will need to determine if it will compliment your facial features. The general rule is that smaller facial features will mean that the mustache should be thinner and trimmed. If you have larger facial features, then the mustache will most likely look better with a fuller look.

Another factor to look into is that the style of your mustache balances with the size and shape of your mouth and nose as well as the shape of your face. If you have a square face, you will want to compliment the shape with a square shaped mustache. A rounder face should be the opposite, and usually works better with a thinner shape to the mustache. The main rule is to make sure that the extra facial hair will compliment your facial features.

Experimentation for the right mustache has caused a specific appearance to become part of the mustache feature. For example, a fuller mustache that is in the Horseshoe style is in style for those who want an appearance that is rougher. This particular style is popular with those that can create a thicker line and attach their mustache to a beard.

Another popular mustache style is a thinner and trimmed mustache. This is often referred to as a quasi goatee and is known to give a calmer and more formal look to your face. The thin line for a mustache that moves down on both sides of the mouth is one of the most popular styles. With this type of mustache, keeping the right trim and length is what will give the best look.

What about sideburns

Sideburn Shapes

Sideburns can be worn in a lot of different lengths, including ones reaching mid-ear level, earlobe height, or all the way down to the chin or jaw. You can also shape your sideburns into different thicknesses, from very thin to thick and angled.

How do you know what sideburns look good on you? Your first step is to consider your haircut. If you have shorter hair, it’s usually expected that your sideburns will be shorter as well.

Longer hairstyles allow for longer sideburns, and usually a more casual appearance.

Consider your face shape. Your sideburns can be worn a bit longer if you have a long chin, which will make everything look comfortably in proportion. With a longer haircut and a longer neck-edge, your face shape can look much more even. Shorter sideburns look very good on those with a weak chin, and are best paired with a shorter neck-edge on a haircut.

Trim Your Sideburns

Trimming your sideburns will be a lot easier with the right tools, so buy the best sideburn trimmer that you can afford.

To shave your sideburns, follow these steps:

1. Comb your sideburns out in the direction of the hair growth.
2. Verify that the trimmer attachment is on.
3. Now hold your trimmer vertically. Make sure that the front of the trimmer is facing you, and then trim your sideburns in a downward motion.

Additional Tips

Have you found the perfect shape for your sideburns, but you’re just not sure how to keep them looking as good as they do straight out of the barber shop? Keep your sideburns looking great with these tips:

If you use your ears as a guide, be careful. Always measure your sideburns against each other and not against the distance from each earlobe. The human body isn’t exactly symmetrical, so to avoid looking like you’re wearing a crooked wig, measure them separately.

Avoid cutting your sideburns off completely near the top of your natural hairline. It’s not exactly the best look. Always have at least a bit of sideburns.

Invest in a personal sideburn trimmer if you tend to cut yours too high. Trimmers have a guard that prevents hacking off half a sideburn, so you can do regular maintenance without stress.

At the end, Whatever facial hair styles you’ll be wearing, the most important thing is to keep them clean, neat and well groomed. Making sure that you keep the right trim, as well as knowing which styles suits you and what are current trends will ensure that your facial features are enhanced in order to add attractiveness to your face area and also to your whole appearance.


  1. I’d say don’t go crazy, keep it trimmed, and don’t shape so that it looks too studied and you’ll be fine.

  2. As long as it’s clean, an extreme beard can be a bold statement. I haven’t shaved in eight months, and am enjoying the feral look.

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    I want a stable but it grows gray,what to do?

  4. ok my family tradition is full blown mountain man beards starting when ur around 21 before then its clean shaven but it depends on your traditions and areas accepted looks

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