Get Good Looking Men’s Eyebrows

Follow these steps to get eyebrows that make you look a little more polished without being obvious. . . isn’t that what every man wants?

Grooming basics for eyebrows

1. Prep the area with a warm, damp cloth or a steamy shower.

2. Dry the brow area and select your tweezers. Find a pair with a slanted shape such as Tweezerman tweezers.

3. Before you start tweezing, take a look at your eyebrows and determine whether or not each individual brow hair is particularly long. If so, you can take a small brow brush and brush upwards towards the top of your brows.

4. Determine the stray hairs that you would like to remove by using a white stick. One of these white pencils can temporarily define which hairs retain the perfect lines of your eyebrow, and which ones you would like to remove.

5. Take out your brow scissors and cut the brow hair until it reaches just 3-5 millimeters above the upper brow line.

6. Tweeze hair in unwanted areas such as between the eyes and underneath the eyebrows, but don’t forget to match the brows to each other!

7. Don’t arch your eyebrows. While you may be tempted to give your brows an arch based on what you imagine with well-groomed brows, men’s eyebrows are far stronger and flatter than women’s.

8. Apply a grooming gel afterwards to calm irritation.

9. Remember: less is more!

FAQs on eyebrow grooming

1. Should I trim the hair on my eyebrows?

That depends. If you feel like your eyebrow hairs are too long and they tend towards bushiness, then give them a trim and shape them properly. Test the hair by choosing a single hair, brushing it straight up towards the brow, and then cutting it until it measures three to five millimeters above the line of the brow. If it looks right when you brush it back into place, then it’s perfect for you.

2. If I make a mistake when I’m working on my brows, am I in trouble or will they grow back?

Much of this has to do with how hair has been removed. If you make a mistake trimming, then you won’t have problems with the hair growing. If you affect the root of the hair, then it depends on how lucky you were with genetics—most hair will grow back after tweezing, but how long it takes depends on the person.

Sometimes, brows that are overtweezed won’t grow back as thickly or as evenly. If you get tempted to overtweeze, sometimes it’s best to defer to a professional and have them take care of your brows instead.

3. Can I shave my eyebrows instead of plucking?

You can, but it’s not recommended. After all, you don’t want an eyebrow stubble. While lots of eyebrow kits contain razors, if you nick your skin, you can suffer from an unsightly cut or a red, bumpy ingrown hair.

4. Can I use an eyebrow stencil?

You can, but if you really feel unsure about what shape fits your face, I recommend going to a man-friendly salon and having your brows shaped there. Afterwards, you can work on follow-up tweezing on a weekly basis to maintain shape.

Favorite eyebrow grooming tools? It has to be the Brow Shaping Scissors and Brush from Tweezerman. It’s their specialty, and it shows with a wide variety of products to get your eyebrows looking good.


  1. Eyebrows shouldn’t be touched unless you’re a woman or a homo.

    • Girls like it when you look good and well groomed which means having well groomed eyebrows.

    • Brononymous says

      Max is a closeted man, seeking out articles to learn how to intricately trim his eyebrows and then bash them to try to salvage the masculinity he never had.

      Also, great article!

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