Guide to Talcum Powder for Men and Best Brands


Talcum powders and body powders have been around for a long time (Gold Bond has been making its medicated powder for over 100 years!) but just recently we have seen a huge uptick in the marketing of these moisture controlling concoctions.  So, we decided to sort through the muddle and bring you not only the finest products but the best How-to-Talcum guide.

But I Thought Talcum Powder was Dangerous!

Let’s go ahead and get this one out of the way.  Talcum powder is mined – it’s made up of silicon, magnesium and oxygen – and often, the silicon and magnesium deposits were located in close proximity to asbestos (which is known to cause cancer, especially when inhaled).  This was back almost 50 years ago, when we were unaware of the dangers of asbestos and we didn’t know to separate the talcum from asbestos particles.

Now we know, and are acutely aware of the potential dangers, so manufacturers have taken measures to ensure the quality of their talc.  According to the American Cancer Society talcum products have been “asbestos free since the 1970’s” – this is due to strict quality control regulations that have been put in place since.  Asked and answered!  So, no worries, unless you are buying some vintage talcum powder bottled in a lead can by the Chinese in the 1940’s you are going to be OK!

Types of Body Powders for Men

There are two main types of body powders that guys can use: true talcum powder and a cornstarch based powder – so if you are still worried about talcum dangers you can use a cornstarch instead.  While the true talcum based powders are better for controlling moisture and odor, the cornstarch alternative is not far behind.

What Can I use Talcum Powder For?

Most people associate talcum powder with either babies or geriatrics, but this product has countless practical uses for guys of any age.

  • Control sweating and moisture: from your underarms to down south of the border, talcum powder works by absorbing and controlling moisture keeping you dry whether you are constantly on the move or just surrounded by humidity.
  • Minimize body odor: with unwanted body moisture comes unwanted body odor – there are some great powders out there made just for men that smell amazing and kick in just when you need them the most.
  • Skin care: numerous men’s talcum powder brands have added ingredients like aloe and green tea extracts that help soothe skin and keep it healthy while keeping it dry and odor-free.

How Should I Apply Talcum Powder?

The best time to apply talcum powder is in the morning or right after you have taken a shower – just make sure your skin is dry!

  • Talcum powder is best applied to CLEAN and DRY skin, so when you get out of the shower dry off thoroughly before application.
  • Sprinkle a small amount of powder into your hand (or onto a badger hair brush, this is our favorite application method) and “sweep” the powder over your skin making sure to get into all those nooks and crannies where moisture and odor might hide.
  • Apply to your armpits, lower back, buttocks, groin, feet or anywhere else you want to control moisture throughout the day.
  • There might be some residual powder on the surface of your skin, and that’s normal, it will continue to absorb as you continue to move.
  • Throw on your clothes and get on with your day!

The BEST Talcum Powders for Men (and one cornstarch powder – for variety)

There is a veritable cornucopia of body powders out there for us guys to choose from, it may seem a bit overwhelming, but don’t freak out and get all sweaty just yet.  We have waded through the chaos and found the three best body powder brands for you!

Powder for Men by Balla

No matter where we went on our search for talcum powders this one kept popping up, so we tried it out to see what all the fuss was about and became believers ourselves!  This powder was specifically made for your nether regions but is great for use anywhere on a guy’s body.  It comes in original, fragrance-free, and tingle formulas – while you can never go wrong with the original, our favorite is Balla’s “tingle” formula.  It is infused with some great essential oils that are not only healthy for your skin but (like the name suggests!) leaves you with a satisfying tingle right after application.  The clear winner of our quest for talcum superiority – a great product at a great price.

Talco Fragrante by Acqua di Parma

The most expensive of our picks but also the most amazing aroma we encountered – a fresh, citrus scent with rosemary, lemon and lavender. Acqua di Parma’s formula is also the finest (as in: smallest particles) talc powder we came across and is perfect for getting into all of those especially hard to reach places. Talco Fragrante is Alcohol-Free, Asbestos-Free and Aluminum-Free so you can rest easy knowing that this powder is safe for that preciously manly skin of yours.

Man Powder by Matte for Men


Buy Man Powder by Matte for Men here

A fantastic name for a wonderful product!  This pick is also our “talcum powder alternative” choice that we have included for those guys that want to use a body powder that is talc-free.  Matte for Men has formulated their Man Powder with pure cornstarch instead of traditional talc.  As we said before, even though talcum powder is best for moisture control, cornstarch works very well as a close second.  We also love this product because it has the additions of baking soda and aloe.  The baking soda is another great wetness preventer that is especially useful in putting odor in its place (i.e. not around us!).  Additionally, the aloe is great for soothing dry skin (by definition, body powders dry your skin) and preventing irritation caused by chafing.

The Perfect Companion for a Fresh Man

Whether you are constantly on the go, constantly at the gym or just constantly a sweaty mess, talcum powder is a great way to stay feeling fresh and clean all day long.  Curb odor and wetness and start feeling confident again knowing that those pesky sweat stains and moisture marks won’t be around to make you feel self-conscious as you conquer your day.

Look into the selections we made for our “Top 3 Best Talcum Powders for Men” and find the one that is best for you!

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