Hairstyling for Thin Hair

Your hair is something like a vintage Cadillac—the better you preserve it, the longer it lasts. With careful styling and smart cuts, you’ll feel younger and more confident. It’s merely a question of style: if you’ve got thin hair, you’ve got to know what to do—and what to avoid.

Everyone needs to accept his hair for what it is. If it’s thinning, we need to ask ourselves to what extent, and be honest. While we can invest our money and effort in miracle products, it still takes time to wait for results. A quicker and more reliable way to improve your appearance is to find the right hairstyles for your hair.

bruce-willisShorter Lengths

If you’ve got strong “peaks” at the forehead, close-cropped hairstyle will look elegant and refined. Think Kevin Spacey and Bruce Willis, and you’ve got the idea. Try yours trimmed or shaved, with minimal styling.

There are definite pluses to sporting shorter hairstyles. You’ll reduce the appearance of thinning, because, for example, no light will shine through and highlight sparse patches. Best of all, it’s stylish: consider this season’s buzz cut of Lost’s Matthew Fox.

With a close-cropped cut, avoid oils of any kind—they’ll add to scalp sheen.

In Between

Longer hairstyles for thin hair are acceptable with the early stages of thinning, especially if you’ve got coverage on top with less on the sides.


Try a midway length haircut, styled with a touch of hair product, such as a hair paste from Crew or Control’s Guck-in-a-Puck. Paste and soft hold wax are preferable to gel.

With thin or fine hair, you can always add the appearance of volume with the right products. Limp hair will look thinner than it already is, and who wants that? Some recommended products are Aveda’s Blue Malva shampoo, which is formulated to give body and shine, and Aveda’s Cherry Almond Bark conditioner, to be used when hair is feeling lifeless and dry. When your hair is a bit longer but still thin, you need to keep it in the best condition possible. Poor quality shampoos and conditioners can end up damaging your hair and causing breakage, so invest in salon quality natural shampoos and conditioners from reputable brands.

Finishing Touches

In the case of thinning hair kept a bit longer, upkeep is essential. Get your hair trimmed carefully on a regular basis, and a personal grooming kit in your desk drawer if you don’t already. A sexier, younger you can be achieved with a getting intelligent hairstyles for thin hair and avoiding all temptations to really grow hair out in a last-ditch effort. Stay clear of firm holding gels or the wet look. Try a moisturizing creme with medium hold—and just a dab. Try MiN’s Grooming Creme, which does the job perfectly without getting crusty. (Here’s the buying guide on products for thin fine hair.)

Lastly, don’t forget accessorizing. It’s not a cover-up: hats should be explored merely for the fashion merits. For those with thinning hair, get thee to a milliner! Hats have all but disappeared in our day-to-day, but there’s nothing like a good trilby with a sophisticated overcoat. After all, there’s no need for thin hair to affect your dress sense. In this case, it might actually improve it.

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