Tanning Tips: Indoor and Sun

Indoor tanning

Indoor tanning is an easy and effective way to change your skin color for the summer or for the year. When beginning the tanning process, you will need to know what to expect, as well as what is important in relation to the needs that should be met for the proper indoor tanning experience. Things such as health considerations and available products can help you to get the perfect colored skin.

When getting an indoor tan, you will first be put into a private room that has a tanning booth in it. The booth will use UVA rays in order to work on the pigmentation of your skin. The strength of the UVA rays, as well as the time that you spend in the booth will be determined before you go into the room in order to make sure that you don’t damage your skin. This is especially important to know if you are just starting with the tanning or haven’t been exposed to rays for a longer period of time. It will take several trips to the salon in order to get the right color without causing damage. At first it may seem as though nothing is being done to your skin; however, this is the safest method to get the right tan.

Before considering indoor tanning, it is also important to look into factors that are related to the health of a tanning booth. Most state that UVA rays won’t damage your skin. However, overexposure to these rays can still cause complications such as rashes, premature aging, and inflammation. It is also known to cause the development of skin cancer if you have been over exposed to the rays for a longer period of time. UVA rays can hurt your eyes as well, and may eventually lead to bad eyesight or blindness if you are not careful.

Because of the possible health problems, it is important to protect yourself while in the tanning booth. The first step that you can take is to wear special tanning goggles. These will help to block the UVA rays completely. Usually, these will be provided from the tanning shop; however, if you go regularly, you can consider your own goggles. You should keep in mind that a towel or regular shades will not help to prevent damage to the eyes.

Tanning lotions are also an important product to have. There are suntan lotions that you can use before tanning that will provide extra nutrients and protection for your skin. If you are beginning the tanning process, you should make sure to get a higher amount of protection, such as SPF 20 or 30. You should also put lotion on after you have finished. Lotions with Vitamins A and E are known to be the most effective in order to help your skin from early aging and complex problems later on.

If you plan on using indoor tanning frequently, you can also consider getting extra products to help with your tanning needs. For example, a backhand lotion applicator can ensure that your skin has the right nutrients and protection on the hard to reach places in your body. There are also available tanning caps for your hair in order to ensure that the nutrients in other areas of your body aren’t damaged from the UVA rays.

Indoor tanning is known to be an effective way to get the right tone to your skin. If you are beginning the tanning process, it will be important to consider the necessary products and safety measures related to tanning booths. This will ensure that you get the best color pigmentation for your skin.

Sun Tanning

The perfect summer tan is considered an attractive attribute for men in today’s culture. Before going outside for a longer amount of time, you may also want to consider few important sun tanning tips. Knowing about health factors, as well as determining what products to use will help you get the perfect sun tanning.

When you are in the sun you will be exposed to UVB rays. These specific types of rays cause problems because they break the cells that are in your skin. Over time, exposure to the sun rays can result in blemishes, rashes or other skin changes. If you have been tanning for a longer period of time, you can also raise your ability to get skin cancer. Being in the sun for too long of a time in one day may also cause heatstroke because of the continued rise of temperature that is in your body. You may also notice cosmetic differences that appear on your skin, such as wrinkles. This is caused because the sun destroys the collagen that is used to help the skin retain nutrients.

Dangers to sun-tanning are proven and whoever thinks it’s a myth is in a delusion (www.epa.gov). But exposure to sun is also good and even necessary for your well-being (www.dailymail.co.uk). Therefore making sure that you take care of your skin while you are tanning in the sun will help you to prevent skin problems later on.

One of the most important tips you should follow is to always choose the right type of sun tan lotion before going out in the sun. This will protect your skin from the UVB rays damaging your skins collagen and cells and will also add extra nutrients to rebuild your skin. Usually, SPF 30 will be the right amount of protection available from a sun tan lotion. Applying and re-applying thoroughly every 30 minutes is essential for effectiveness.

You may also want to consider getting a lotion that has moisturizer. This will help add nutrients to your skin while you are exposed to the sun. The nutrients needed most while in the sun consist of Vitamins A and E. There are also several moisturizers that will not contain oil in them which will work better for keeping your skin balanced.

Another important tip to keep in mind is how you decide to tan. The first general rule is to not stay outside for more than two hours a day. Start with a short time exposures and gradually increase. Think generally of your sun-tanning in it’s-a-marathon-not-sprint terms.

Hydrate often. Drink lots of water and go in the water as well. Sun exposure in the water alone can be enough for a first few days of the tanning season.

Go in the shade and cover up (avoiding darker colors.) Hat is always a good idea as well. And it’s a must if you’re bald or with a very short haircut. Avoid summer noon sun at all times. At noon go to lunch and have a drink or some other off-the-sun activity.

Tan lines are never attractive so don’t forget to remove all clothing and accessories from your body except swim trunks when sun bathing.  Remove your sunglasses occasionally and don’t walk all day over the beach shirtless with your shoulder bag on.

To maintain your tan apply moisturizer often which will prevent your skin from drying and peeling.

If you are looking at getting the perfect tan for the summer, it is important to keep these tanning tips in mind. This will help prevent health problems as well as keep your skin healthy looking for a longer period of time. The first step to this is being aware of what your skin needs and making sure that you protect your body.

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