Moustache Trimming and Choosing Best Trimmer


We are all agreed, facial hair has made a huge stylistic comeback (MEN’s facial hair, let us be clear). From the red carpet to the runway to your workplace every dude with even a slight sense of style (and the necessary testosterone levels) has at least tried out some facial hair look or another – whether it be the beard, the chic stubble, the goatee or the moustache.

Usually some experimentation is required to find the look that best fits your face, and perhaps one of the most versatile (and definitely the most bravura) is the moustache.

There is the chevron, the pencil, the handle bar, the horseshoe, the toothbrush, and innumerable hipster variations (each one more ironic than the next). But no matter the specific variation you settle on, the key to sporting that flawless ‘stache is properly committed grooming, and that begins with a good trim.

You’ll Need a No-guard Trimmer for Precision

Regardless of the style you have chosen we recommend using the electric trimmer and comb combination for all of your grooming needs. While there are trimmers and clippers available that have built-on guards or attachable heads for trimming down your moustache these options do not offer the control and precision that a no-guard trimmer and a moustache comb can provide.

But before you dive into that mangled conflagration of upper lip hairs we have some advice to make sure you look your best and radiate confidence afterwards.

Quality of the Trimmer and Comb is Important

A trim can only be as good as the tools in a man’s grooming arsenal, so one of the most important things to consider is the quality of the trimmer and comb you are using. Don’t worry, we would never leave you hanging, and so we have a few recommendations to help you get on the path to immaculate moustache upkeep.

Like we said earlier, although there are facial hair trimmers with built-on adjustable guards and attachments we recommend using a no-guard trimmer and supplementing a comb for the guard, allowing greater control. So, our reviews are of specifically guard-less trimmers.

Best Trimmer and Comb for Moustache Trimming

Top Trimmer: Bevel


Hands down the best trimmer out there is the Trimmer by Bevel, it is a bit pricy but we truly believe this electric trimmer is worth every penny. It has one of the most durable blade systems out there and the beautifully engineered Bevel Dial allows you to adjust the blade gap without an array of specialty tools (all you need are your fingers – the original Swiss Army Tool).

The Trimmer has an impressive 4-hour battery life as well, but even if you have to plug it in (because we will all inevitably forget to charge it one night) the cord is not cumbersome and restrictive which allows for great maneuverability. Easy to use, easy to clean and easy on the eyes – the sleek design is a feature not lost on our discerning sense of style.

Best Buy Trimmer: Philips Norelco Beardtrimmer 9100


If you are looking for something a bit more economical we recommend the Beardtrimmer 9100 by Norelco. Its most fiercely marketed feature is the laser guided system that helps you get perfectly straight lines (which it does, to a degree) but this is mostly a novelty. That being said, the trimmer itself is top-notch – another quality product by Norelco.

Now, this unit does come with attachable heads (“guards”), this is great – just don’t use them. They are supposed to simultaneously comb out and trim your moustache to the desired length but we find they are especially unwieldly when trying to exact a proper ‘stache and often leave parts uneven. So, put the attachments to the side and whip out the trusty comb!

Favourite Comb: Kent

Our favorite brand of comb is Kent (oh, you don’t have a favorite comb manufacturer?… strange, because we do). These clever Englishmen have been making combs and brushes since 1777 (so they have been making combs almost as long as America has been… a thing – most impressive) and they do a wonderful job of it. Our endorsement for all your specific moustache needs would be the A 81T by Kent, an “extra small moustache and beard comb” – enough said Kent.

Second Best: Art of Shaving

The Art of Shaving also has a handsomely wonderful (if not excessively priced) moustache comb made from Water Buffalo Horn that is a must have for all you aficionados out there. Very originally (and elegantly) it is named “Horn Moustache Comb”.

How to Trim Moustache with Trimmer

Now that we are all loaded for bear with our guard-less trimmers and toothy combs we can tackle that moustache and wrangle it into something sexy yet masculine, and perhaps a bit bold as well. Remember, moustache hygiene is serious business so make sure to commit to trimming up AT LEAST twice a week to ensure you are looking your best throughout the week.

First take that fancy comb of yours and comb out that ‘stache, with the grain of course. Make sure when you are combing and trimming that your facial hair is dry. When hair is wet it swells and can appear longer and thicker which will cause you to cut too much hair, then when it dries will look uneven or shorter than you anticipated.

  • Start out with a shape up, using the trimmer (and both hands – one hand as the master and one hand as the guide) begin in the center of your moustache.
  • Trim along the upper lip according to your desired shape and move from the moustache’s center to one side and then repeat on the opposite side.
  • For a more exact edge you can tilt the trimmer at an angle and run the corner over your desired line. You can then do the same for lining the upper part of your moustache (if you desire) – but remember to hold the trimmers upside-down to get the best visual angle for the shape up.
  • Finally shape up the edges making sure they are even with one another by using the corners of your mouth as a guide.
  • Once your moustache is proud and shapely it is time to trim for length and volume – reenter: the comb!
  • Run through the moustache once more combing out any cut hairs, then use the comb sweeping AGAINST the grain this time to lift and separate your hairs at the root and slide the comb up through the hairs until you reach your desired cut-off length. Start out with a little at a time and gradually go back cutting down more as you re-asses and reach your desired length.
  • After you are satisfied with the shape and length of your manly moustache comb it our ONCE more to make sure you haven’t missed and stray hairs.
  • Then step back and marvel at this – the moustache – the most masculine of achievements, the ultimate measure of manliness, the pinnacle of machismo, the stylish statement for the bold of spirit!

The most important thing is that YOU like how your moustache looks, because if you are happy you will feel confident and confidence radiates outward and attracts people. So, experiment a little bit, find what you like, what you think looks best on you. Then wear it with self-assurance, hold your head high and your lip out – for you have a perfectly groomed moustache.

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