Long Hair Etiquette and Care for Beginners

Although short hair is generally the norm for men, long hairstyle can be an attractive style and personal statement. With proper care,  long hair on men can be very appealing – many women like a man with a longer mane.

For men considering a long hairstyle, a few things should be considered first. While long hair is more acceptable these days, there are still those who do not like them. These people may be in positions of hiring or promoting for jobs, for example, so it is worth investigating whether a company of interest has any hiring policies regarding hair length. Another issue to consider is fullness. We’ve all seen the balding man who is having a hard time letting go of his ponytail. If you’re thinning on top, long hairstyle is not the solution (nor is the dreaded comb over!). Finally, consider the color of your hair. There’s nothing wrong with a lengthy gray mane, but some grays do better than others in longer locks. Duller grays simply do not look as healthy (and coloring is always an option).

To maintain a healthy and attractive long hairstyle, use proper care products. There is a difference among products, so it’s worth experimenting to find the best ones for you or to consult a stylist who can provide recommendations for your hair type. A quality shampoo and conditioner (List of natural conditioners) is essential. Split ends or damaged hair make long hairstyles look unkempt. Damaged hair is also harder to comb through and keep under control.

Some people will tell you to avoid regular trims, although having a routine trim can keep your locks looking their best. Yes, it will slow growing-out time a bit, if you’re in the middle of that process, but it will also keep your hair healthier. Thin, frayed ends are not attractive, and the little bit of length they add is not worth the low quality.

Keep an eye on your style. As mentioned, some employers do not favor long hairstyles. In these situations, a clean ponytail is the best solution. It keeps your hair under control and is much more professional than the wild man look. If you’re in process of growing out your hair, consider gels and other products to keep hair in place. Again, consulting with a stylist will lead you to the best products. As you grow out your hair, work with a stylist to maintain a workable look during the more awkward phases. Keeping hair short on the sides and back while the top grows out is one way to make the growing process easier; once the top reaches the sides and back, you can grow the rest from there.

Finally, keep your long hair clean and well groomed. Unwashed hair is not attractive on anyone, but it is much more noticeable with long hairstyles.

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