Styling And Maintaining Short Men’s Hair

A man’s hairstyle says a lot about him and it’s one of the first things noticed. With such an emphasis on image, the right hairstyle can leave a great impression. Today’s trends run toward layered, short hairstyles. They are highly versatile and can work with every situation. Today’s men are going from the office to the nightclubs; to formal occasions to baseball games and just like a men’s wardrobe, hairstyles for men need to be able to fit all occasions.

Today’s popular hairstyles are some variation of short in the back, slightly longer in the front with plenty of layering. To decide what hairstyle will look best depends on your facial shape, hair type and lifestyle. The trick to choosing the right hairstyle is to de-emphasize strong features. If you have thin hair (styling products for thin hair), longer layered hairstyles will be better while slightly messy, short hairstyles flatter thicker or curly hair. Use layers and bangs to soften harsh edges and layering and parts to mask round or oval faces.

Receding hairline or bald spots? Extra short hairstyles are the only right answer. Forget the comb over. Attempting to hide your bald spots or receding hairline doesn’t fool anyone. It can, in fact, accentuate it. Just use the old adage of “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” and shave your head. Bruce Willis, Ed Harris, Vin Diesel and Samuel L. Jackson are all good looking men who sport the no hair look and are not hurting too badly for companionship. If you’d rather not go totally bald, keep a very closely cropped hairstyle. Using longer styles will only draw attention to light patches.

To help maintain your short hair, you’ll need to use some hair care products. There are several on the market including mousse, gel, pomade and hairspray. Mousse is foam you add to wet or dry hair for hold and style. Adding it to wet hair will give a wet look and using it on dry hair will provide hold and volume. However, mousse is not very durable. If you have a hairstyle that requires stronger hold, you will either have to frequently reapply or opt for something else. Pomade is ideal for short hairstyles and is used in small quantities to add texture and shine. If you use too much, though, you’ll get an oily appearance. Hairspray is generally a finishing tool that is easy to use but can sometimes emit a strong scent. Gel is a great styling tool for short hair with a strong hold that will also condition your hair. Your look will stay true for longer periods of time without having to reapply. Whichever styling products you find best, choose quality products. Cheaper ones tend to have alcohol, which will dry the hair and cause flaking.

You hairstyles should work both for office and fun time equally well. For a more tailored look use a small amount of mousse on dry hair and comb neatly. Part your hair to one side and neatly comb the hair back on each side. This hairstyle is well suited for longer layered hair or thick wavy hair and portrays a neat, conservative look. To take the same hairstyle and make it more fun, apply gel with your fingers to wet hair. Run your fingers through your hair in different directions to get a slightly tussled look.

Are you in a hurry or just can’t be bothered with spending a lot of time on your hair? Hop out of the shower, towel off your hair, run a comb through it and you’ll look fine letting the hair fall where it may. This process is better suited to styles where the hair is much shorter on top. You’ll still look professional without having to spend much time.

If you’re going to go with a short hair, commit to short. Don’t go overly long in the front with a closely cropped back. Keep your hair fairly similar in length with just enough difference to look stylish or attain the style you want.

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