Styling Your Hair with: Mousse, Hair Wax, Gel and Serum


Mousse can be intimidating because it’s a whole lot of foam when you first get it going, but if you know what mousse can be good for, it’s surprisingly versatile. You can maintain most hairstyles on a daily basis without too much buildup, and best of all, mid-day styling touches ups are incredibly easy.

How to Use It

1. Shake the mousse bottle and hold it vertically to dispense product in your palm. Aim for a small amount, because a little mousse will go far. If it looks like an egg, you’re set. Anything else and you’ll be shocked at how greasy and flat things can get.

2. Stroke the mousse through your hair, and “swipe” your hands through to make sure you’ve applied it evenly.

3. If you love to blow dry your hair, then mousse is key. You can get great hold if you use mousse and then dry it, and you can still use it regularly without weighing your hair down too much.

What Styles Does It Suit? Mousse is perfect if you want to boost thinning hair and get natural volume and body. Lucky for you, you can find a mousse that suits your hair type– it’s not just for the seriously curly anymore! Thin, dry, thick, coarse. . . you name it, a formula is available to boost your style.

Why You’ll Love It: You can restyle moussed hair throughout the day without making your hair overly sticky. All you need to do is add a spritz of water and you’re set. Style away!


• Volume is best achieved by adding your mousse primarily to the roots. You’ll get extra “lift” if you work in the product with your head tilted over. Since mousse coats each strand lightly, it will come up off the scalp and make your hair look thinner.

• For maximum effect, take a look at what’s inside. Some products are designed for use with heat, while others are designed to be used on thinner or fine hair.

• Less is more! If you forget almost all your mousse use rules, this one is the most important to retain. (Unless you like sticky, greasy, or stiff hair, that is.) Egg or golf-ball size, please!

• Invest a little in your mousse. You’ll be able to tell the difference if you use it daily.

Suggested Products

Giovanni Hair Styling Natural Mousse: Use this mousse to infuse your hair with nutrients.
Got2Be Fat-tastic Mousse by Schwarzkopf : Medium hold and texture for either wet or dry hair.
SEBASTIAN Shaper Hair Spray Styling Mist for Hold & Control 10.6oz/300g: This top quality product provides weightless lift and an ultimate non-sticky finish.


Hair wax may be an old standby, but it’s still a fun product to use when you’ve got to create pliable but effective hold. If you think you’re a newbie to the whole wax thing, think again: wax is also offered in forms such as pomade, putty, or styling paste.

If you’ve never tried hair wax, it can be pretty strange looking stuff indeed. You’ll probably want to ease yourself into it by using a little, because when you open up a pot of goo, there’s a lot of potential for misuse!

How to Use It

1. Get a daub of hair wax on the palms of your hands.

2. “Warm” the product up by briskly rubbing your hands together. This makes it more pliable to use.

3. Quickly massage product through your hair evenly to distribute the product. Move your hands in the direction that you’d like your hair to go.

4. Arrange your hair with your fingertips to create your look, and you’re done!

Note: Be sure to apply hair wax sparingly. It’s better to start off with a little and build up than to have stiff hair that’s weighed down and greasy looking, don’t you think?

What Styles Does It Suit? Short and medium-length hair looks best with a little added wax, especially if you need some height to go along with it.

Why You’ll Love It:
Hair wax product can be varied. Some heavier wax products are perfect for styling heavier or coarse hair, but you can try out a putty for a lightweight hold. Spray wax can even be used for fine hair!

Additional Tips:
Try to use a clarifying shampoo to remove wax buildup. Due to the composition of wax products, you’ll find that continued use leads to limp and lifeless hair. Great claifying shampoos include Redken For Men Go Clean Shampoo, Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo, and Nexxus Gentle Clarifying Shampoo.

Suggested Products

1. KMS California HairPlay Design Wax: KMS is great for creating a sleek look, and it’s surprisingly soft. Expect professional results when you use this product.

2. Garnier Fructis Style Pure Clean Finishing Paste: This Finishing Paste is rarely sticky, and it’s made from natural ingredients.

3. BUMBLE AND BUMBLE – SURF SPRAY 4 OZ for Unisex: You can get a wind-styled look easily with this light-hold, unisex spray. You may want to hide this from your significant other– it tends to disappear.

2. BED HEAD TIGI Manipulator Sculpting Putty for Spiking, Dreads, Body & Texture 2oz/50ml: Get this while it lasts. Manipulator may be discontinued, but you can still find it online.

3. GEL

Gel can be found just about anywhere, but that doesn’t mean that you can use any kind! If you want the best results and the most agreeable look, consider your hair texture and length and shop accordingly. If you haven’t been doing that yet, don’t worry– I’d been using super-strength hair gel for years without even realizing it. (Hence the reason for all these articles on hair products!)

How to Use It

1. Start with towel-dried hair. Scoop a small amount of hair gel out of the tub or pot– not too much! Aim for about a teaspoon or so to start with, especially if you’re trying out a new brand or formula of product.

2. Rub your hands together and apply the gel to your hair. Be sure to distribute it evenly enough to avoid clumps or sections.
Tip: Apply the gel more to your root area to add extra volume.

3. Continue to sculpt your hair with your fingers until you’ve got the right look, and then give it a blast with a blowdryer for impressive hold and quick finish.

What Styles Does It Suit? Gel is offered in so many different formulas that it’s tough to find one that doesn’t suit your hair type exactly. Chemically treated, short, coarse, longer, fine. . . you name it, you can find the right gel for it.

Why You’ll Love It: Much like mousse, gel may be reactivated with a little water. All you need to do is spritz your hair with a water bottle and then reshape it as desired. If you need major holding action, you can always reapply a tiny bit of gel to keep everything in place.


• Consider a gel spray to use when you need to set a previously-styled look. All you need to do is mist your finished hairstyle with spray gel, and allow it to air dry.

• Read the package carefully. Gel comes in lots of different qualities and varieties, and they can truly make a difference. Look for gel with the following perks to make your hair healthier and happier: conditioning products, moisturizers, vitamins, and sunscreens. If you live in a tropical or warmer climate and spend time near the ocean, this gets even more important. Sunlight and salt can damage your hair significantly, and in no time.

• Gel is perfect for a no-fuss style, but if you like a perfect style with lots of sheen, you can also try hair wax. See what suits you best!

• Don’t forget that gel can be used for more than just contouring your hairstyle. You can tame flyaways and frizz with a slight sheen applied lightly with the palm of your hand.

Suggested Products

American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel: Apply this gel for serious hold and no flaking in sight.

Hi-Shine Styling Gel 6 oz.: This product smells fantastic, and better yet, it does exactly what it promises. You’ll see great shine and benefit from its vitamin-packed formula.



Never used hair serum? You’re not alone. While serum may seem like it’s not particularly necessary, you may be pleased to know that serums are formulated for guys, and better yet, they can maximize your head of hair to add the appearance of thickness. If you’re the kind of person who wishes he had just a little bit extra up top, serums may be the way to go.

How to Use It

1. Wash your hair normally before applying serum. After you shampoo your hair, rinse your hair with cool water to increase shine.
2. Towel dry your hair. Don’t go crazy! Soak up excess water but don’t scrub your head too hard.
3. Get 4 to 5 drops of serum in the palm of your hand. Apply it to your hair, paying more attention to the ends than to your roots.
4. Allow your hair to dry naturally, and don’t rinse the serum out afterwards!

What Styles Does It Suit?
Longer hair will benefit best from “average” serum. This is especially good for those who crave a relaxed surfer vibe but don’t want to produce dreadlocks in the bargain. Swiping in a little serum keeps everything softer. For those who choose hair serum for thinning hair, this product can be used for all hair lengths.

Why You’ll Love It: Hair serum not only maximizes hair thickness, but it also increases shine and reduces tangles. If you’re constantly battling frizz and knots with slightly longer hair, serum can save you some serious work.


• Use a touch of serum product. Less is more definitely applies to serum use, especially because overloading will just make your locks look lank and greasy.

• Use caution when applying serum to fine hair. It could make your hair look greasy as it weighs down each strand, so in this case, it’s best to experiment before you slick some on.

• You can use hair serum to protect your hair while styling, too. If you use a hairdryer, applying a few drops of the product can prevent excessive damage.

Suggested Products

NuHair Extra Strength Thinning Hair Serum: This time-released product contains ingredients that can restore hair thickness, as well as oils that can make your hair shinier naturally.
John Frieda Frizz-Ease Hair Serum, UV/Thermal Protection Formula – 1.69 Oz: This classic serum provides exceptional shine, and can be found easily at major drugstores.
Damage Reverse Instant Restorative Hair Serum: Ojon serums for thinning hair also works well for those who need to build up hair strength.


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