Hand and Nail Care + Best Men’s Manicure Sets

All About the Handshake A man reveals a great deal about himself through a handshake - confidence, poise, intentions, manners.  Similarly, he reveals just as much through his appearance, the pride he takes in that appearance and his level of grooming.  Where these two intersect is in the “grooming” of a man’s hands, and how well (or how little) he manicures those hands. Now this … [Read more...]

A Few Foot Care Tips for Men

Why should you consider a foot care regimen? It will keep your feet looking and feeling better, will help prevent painful calluses, can minimize odor, and women will appreciate it. Simply put, men who take care of themselves make a better impression. No one wants to look at gnarly toes sticking out of sandals in summer or give a foot massage to someone who has cracked and calloused feet. … [Read more...]