Tips for Banishing Tired Face

Women have many options to cover up their dark circles and fatigued eyes, but men have a lot more trouble correcting “tired face.” It’s not as easy for a man to camouflage dark circles and puffiness, but there are some ways for men to accomplish it too.

Banish Puffiness

Fluid retention is the cause of puffy eyes and is an even bigger problem for those with sinus difficulties or allergies.

• When you get up in the morning and you’re faced with tired face, try the “tap method.” Try lightly tapping the lower orbital of your eyes with your ring finger from the inner to outer corner.

• Try a cold compress on your eyes for 5 to 10 minutes. You can wet a clean washcloth with cold water and hold it over your eyes. You can also wear a cooling mask that you can purchase from any drugstore.

• Smooth on an eye cream that soothes and brightens. Try Soothing Eye Gel by Derma-E or Shiseido Men Eye Soother Gel to de-puff those eyes.

Get Rid of Redness
Before you head for the over-the-counter eye drops, try natural ones. Natural eye drops will calm your eyes using a sterile saline solution without chemicals. Instead of getting your eyes dependent on additives and chemicals, natural drops protect your eyes. Look for Visine Tears Eye Drops or Similasan Dry Eye Relief.

Soothe Tired Eyes with Home Remedies
If you’re fresh out of product but you have some stuff around the house, you can cure your tired face fast. Get a cool strawberry or cucumber and slice it in 1/8 of an inch thick. Your eyes will look clear and less puffy after you place a slice on each eye for around 10 minutes, and you can just continue with your regular face cleansing routine afterwards.

Looking for something even easier? Try a milk soother. All you need to do is soak a couple of large cotton balls in cold milk, and then place one cotton ball on each eye. After 10 or 15 minutes of relaxation, you can continue with your cleansing routine. Who needs touch-ups when you can get rid of your tired face in under a quarter of an hour?

Additional Tips
• Drink water! You’ve heard it before, but it will clean out your system and prevent puffy eyes from recurring.

• Store your face creams (buying guide to face creams) in the refrigerator. Cold facial products will reduce swelling in your face and instantly calm the tired face effect. Don’t forget to check the label for more information about product storage.

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